Green living space generates positive energy at Phoenix Island

By Tâm Anh   September 7, 2021 | 02:00 am PT
Riverside living space with accomplished facilities is promised to provide future residents of Phoenix island, Aqua City great excitement and energy.

Spreading green spaces, diverse utilities

After a site visit to Aqua City prior to social distancing, Thuy Hang from Thu Duc decided to choose a townhouse in Phoenix island as her future home instead of an investment as initially planned. Her greatest impression of the property was its green and spacious landscape with all-year-round fresh air.

Phoenix, Aqua City is surrounded by a main river system, a radial canal,along with a large green area that supplies fresh air. With a riverside footpath, bike path, gymnasiums, yoga studios and an outdoor football field, she hopes to pursue a healthy and nature-friendly lifestyle.

Green and harmonious nature with rivers and canals in Phoenix Island, Aqua City creats a living experience as in a resort

Harmonious nature at Phoenix, Aqua City, creates a resort living experience. Photo by Novaland

"I live in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, pursuing a busy, pressing and suffocating life. Here at Phoenix island - Aqua City, my worries simply fall away. In future, my family will settle down here to enjoy a resort living without traveling far from home," said Hang.

Impressed by more than simply the green and beautiful landscape, Thanh Phuong from HCMC's District 1 who already owns a property in Phoenix Island, also highly appreciates the facilities here. Residents in Phoenix island like her enjoy various privileges from health care, education services with international standards to sport activities. Classy facilities like a clubhouse, commercial center, and shopping streets along the river afford residents a colorful living experience.

Classy facilities in harmony with surrounding nature in Phoenix Island

Classy facilities blend with surrounding nature at Phoenix Island. Photo by Novaland

"As soon as the project enters operation, my family will move here to enjoy the incredible facilities. Surely I feel revitalized," she shared, adding that when the transportation infrastructure is finished, her family could travel to and from HCMC and Long Thanh International Airport by road in just 20 minutes or by waterway.

Combined architecture, multiple views

Townhouses in Phoenix, Aqua City also lure fastidious customers with a combined architecture style that ensures luxury and originality. Modern homes are built with large glass walls that provide both air circulation and greatest views over the river or green landscape. Besides, neo classic designs expose an exquisite beauty.

According to the architects, for any design style, nature-friendliness, luxury and customer personality are factors that need to be highlighted during the design process. Even with the same style, each townhouse is decorated with specific colors and details to differentiate it from others. This brings in liveliness to the whole street while showing the owners’ personalities.

Park-view and river-view townhouses open up to a limitless green vision and peace. Townhouse owners in the radial canal zone can enjoy cool river fresh air and an exciting life. Variant townhouses and corner houses resemble detached villas with gardens and swimming pools.

Townhouses with neo-classic design. Photo by Novaland

Townhouses with neo-classic design. Photo by Novaland

According to fengshui expert Dao Duy Thien Tam, houses in Phoenix, Aqua City have free facades facilitating energy to enter. There is a certain distance from the door to the gate where

good energy is accumulated and gradually enters the house. Phoenix island also has a surrounding yin and yang water system that supports residents to unleash their full potential.

A representative of Novaland Group revealed that most visitors to the project site were attracted by large green landscapes, waterways, and facilities. With a long-term target of turning Phoenix into a prosperous island city, the group has been focusing on systemic and comprehensive planning, international standard facilities, nature-friendly living style.

With an initial 5 percent payment, customers can own properties in Aqua City together with various offers: an annual interest rate of up to 7.5 percent, 4 percent discount in product value (based on bank loans maturity), a Novaspecial Gift of up to VND1 billion, a garden design package of up to VND500 million, along with Novaland preferential shares of VND220 million.

Visit Aqua City's virtual model here or call the hotline: 0943797979.

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