Global software provider endorses JobHopin's AI recruitment solution

January 2, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
SAP, top 4 largest software companies worldwide by Forbes Global, has recently announced a new cloud-based solution developed by Vietnamese tech start-up JobHopin to speed up recruitment process.

With 77 percent of the world's transaction revenue touching its system, SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software. For the first time, a solution from Vietnam is recognized and integrated into SAP's partner system.

JobAI-lysis is the first Vietnamese application to get integrated into SAP’s global software system

JobAI-lysis is the first Vietnamese application to get integrated into SAP’s global software system. Photo by JobHopin

The extension, called JobAI-lysis, is the brainchild of startup JobHopin. Founded in 2016, JobHopin leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve companies' talent attraction problems. Its technology allows recruiters to automate CV screening and shortlisting the most compatible candidates. The AI also gathers talent intelligence from JobHopin’s online and offline databases to provide real-time, on-target market insights, including a profile's market value.

In Vietnam, over 600 large enterprises are using services by SAP. JobAI-lysis's ability to parse Vietnamese CVs and its local support team are expected to not only bring value to SAP’s domestic users, but also open up more overseas opportunities for Vietnamese workforce.

"Partners like JobHopin have been and will always be an invaluable asset of SAP clients from all over the world who are eager to enter a promising market like Vietnam," Nguyen Hong Viet, managing director of SAP Vietnam, says. He also expresses confidence in JobHopin's potential to reach international markets: "Starting from Vietnam is great, but aiming to become the top global solution is more relevant."

JobHopin’s and SAP’s representatives at their partnership announcement ceremony in December

JobHopin’s and SAP’s representatives at their partnership announcement ceremony in December. Photo by JobHopin

In order to be endorsed by SAP, JobAI-lysis went through rounds of rigorous testing. As part of SAP SuccessFactors, a human capital management suite, it will be available to more than 13,000 organizations of all sizes in over 100 countries. Its publisher is ambitious about introducing the AI to other key Asian markets like Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

"This is a very important announcement as we look to expand our service globally. We can't wait to work with the SAP team to promote our AI recruitment service to clients from all over the world," says JobHopin’s CEO and Founder, Kevin Tung Nguyen.

Post-Covid, companies everywhere are faced with a workforce crunch. Employee turnover is spiking, while economic recovery requires great human capital. A survey by consulting firm McKinsey found that 40 percent of employees are somewhat likely to leave their current jobs in the next three to six months. Demand for a solution like JobAI-lysis is high, and the team anticipates it to bring Vietnam closer to the international tech scene.

"AI technology is going to transform the way we recruit people. Because it is free from human bias and emotional conflicts, AI helps companies promote inclusion and diversity in their teams. It's ability to parse thousands of resumes a day relieves recruiters of exhausting manual screening and gives them more time to focus on other important tasks, such as enhancing employee engagement or optimizing internal workflows," Dr. Ngo Minh Man , JobHopin's AI Director, predicts.

Ngo Minh Man, JobHopin’s AI director

Ngo Minh Man, JobHopin’s AI director. Photo by JobHopin

He also debunks some myths about AI recruitment: "Companies used to avoid revealing their use of AI due to concerns that it might discourage job applicants. However, a study published in Computers in Human Behavior shows that this is not the case. In fact, the use of AI positively influences candidates’ application process, partly because applicants believe AI could be objective and free of human biases against age, race, or gender"

It is also emphasized that such AI solutions are not designed to replace, but support human recruiters, so that the recruitment process can be faster and more efficient.

The collaboration between JobHopin and a tech giant is expected to foster Vietnamese enterprises to catch up with the global technology bandwagon.

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