Experience a tree-covered sky villa in southern Saigon with the EverGreen Project

By Staff reporters   November 21, 2017 | 05:00 pm PT
Each of the project's 98 Sky Villas will be covered in ferns and have a private swimming pool and gold-plated elevator.

Sky Villas Tower is at the heart of the EverGreen Project, ideally located on Nguyen Luong Bang Street in Phu My Ward, District 7 with 3 sides facing rivers. The project's main investor is Tai Nguyen Company with total investment capital of about VND8 trillion ($350 million) for 208 villas. Spanning the area of 74,000 square meters, the project’s building density is 45 percent, land-use factor is at 2.0, creating a residential area for a maximum of 1,100 persons. The project has three kind of areas: Sky Villas, City Villas and Garden Villas. The apartments are designed based on a sky villas model to be as comfortable as a presidential suite in a 5-star hotel. Each villa has an average area of 250-280 square meters (300-335 square yards) with 2-5 parking spaces in the underground parking lot. Prices are projected at nearly $1 million each.


The apartments' winding balconies will be covered in trees, making the whole tower look like a waterfall. Every time the wind blows, the lines of ferns will sway gently, giving the impression that the entire tower is reaching out to the sky.


The main investor has selected ferns to cover the entire front, back and roof of the tower, providing a green and effective cooling solution for the building.


Ferns are suitable for the city's humid tropical climate, where they can grow well without the need for frequent watering. It is therefore guaranteed that the apartments will enjoy a green space all year round without any significant effort from their owners.


The architects drew inspiration from the patterns found on ferns to bring a touch of elegance and style to the balconies with strands of white concrete. All these decorative concrete strands have been imported from aboard.


Each sky villa is spacious and isolated, ensuring privacy for their occupants. The villas have a wide open space with large glass doors, giving a full view of the outside. Depending on personal preferences, homeowners can also decorate their rooms with global brands such as Hermes, Jojo Armani or Versace.


Another unique feature of the building is each villa has a separate floor. The height difference between two consecutive floors is 75 centimeters (29.5 inches), creating a soundproof space between villas. This unique feature allows homeowners to choose which direction their rooms are facing without affecting the general structure of the building.


The complex also includes a wide variety of facilities with three community areas built over thousands of square meters. The Sky Club houses meeting rooms, conference halls, a children's playground as well as wedding and family gathering halls. Marina Club, with the Bird's Nest Restaurant as its highlight, is the perfect venue for hosting parties that require luxury and privacy. Finally, City Club is the complex's central square, where everyone in the community can hang out and socialize.

Outside Sky Villas is a USD18 million marina, which is built according to international standards and offers yacht maintenance services. This marine is built by Tai Nguyen company to meet the needs of EverGreen residents, who like to own a yacht.

On November 25, EverGreen project will introduce model apartments and accept orders from interested buyers.

For details, please call 0901 69 79 89 – Websites: www.evergreen.com.vn

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