Hanoi businesses struggle to get new travel permits for employees

By Anh Minh   August 9, 2021 | 08:37 pm PT
Hanoi businesses struggle to get new travel permits for employees
A police officer in Hanoi checks travel documents on August 9, 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh.
Many people in Hanoi were unable to go for work since they did not have enough time to get new travel permits following changes announced on Sunday.

City authorities now require travel permits to also be authorized by the ward or commune where businesses are located and not just by the businesses themselves.

Employees have to furnish their work schedules and work-related documents when asked at checkpoints.

Many businesses tried hard to complete procedures to get the new travel permits and issue work schedules and documents to their employees, but still failed to receive the permits in time to go for work on Monday.

Face shield maker Vihelm scrambled to get the travel permits for its employees, its spokesman, Nguyen Tien Dat, said Monday. He expressed worry that too many travel documents would require more time for checking, resulting in congestion at checkpoints.

"If there are [Covid patients] among the crowds at checkpoints, the infection risk is very high."

Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, director of supermarket chain Co.opmart Hanoi, said she had to go to Mo Lao and Kien Hung wards in Ha Dong District, where two supermarkets are located, on Monday morning to ask for new travel permits for her employees.

"I don’t know whether ward authorities will sign and seal (the permits) today."

Nguyen Phuong Hanh, owner of a mini supermarket in Thanh Xuan District, said she was unable to complete procedures to get travel permits for her four employees on Monday and might have to close her store at least until Tuesday morning.

Dat said Hanoi authorities should have given more time and specific guidance on how to get the new documents.

Dung said the travel permit, work schedule and work-related documents should be integrated for easier obtention verification at checkpoints.

Many businesses also called for the use of technologies like QR codes to issue and check travel documents more conveniently and economically.

On Tuesday morning, Hanoi authorities said wards and communes would speed up things by issuing the permits online.

Besides, they have scrapped the need for furnishing work schedules and work-related documents, and now people only have to show their travel permits and identity papers.

Hanoi’s tightening of control over travel comes amid a rise in the number of Covid-19 infections to 50-70 a day on average.

As of Tuesday, it had 2,080 infections.

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