DTS Alliance appoints new education sector chairman

By Van Pham    May 17, 2021 | 08:00 pm PT
Dwayne Ong was appointed senior advisor and president of DTS Education, with the goal of developing human resource training programs, digital transformation consulting and support.

DTS Alliance is a community that brings together reputable individuals and organizations operating in the fields of e-commerce, digital services, digital technology, ... with the mission to support digital transformation and increase competitiveness for enterprises.

To meet the demand for supporting and consulting suitable digital transformation solutions, DTS has established specialized digital transformation committees and focused on five main committees - e-commerce, agriculture, tourism, television and education & training.

To further strategic partnership agreement signed on January 29, DTS has appointed Dwayne Ong as Senior Advisor and President in the education sector.

Ong is founder and CEO of Casugol, an international certification provider based in Singapore that offers programs and courses in 38 countries, including Vietnam.

He is currently a member of the Industry Advisory Panel under Taylor's University, Malaysia and Digital Transformation advisor of REDTone International Bhd, Malaysia, associate professor at STMIK Bandung University, Indonesia.

"Investing in people, especially those that are currently working with you means helping them acquire the skills and knowledge required to succeed and stay competitive in the digital economy through continuous education. An inclusive leader would develop a business culture that encourages people to share, and innovate by providing them with the right tools, and resources, building a healthy pipeline to nurture new and young talents," Ong said.


Dwayne Ong, founder and CEO of Casugol, senior advisor and president of DTS in the education sector. Photo by DTS.

"Human resources have been identified as an important determinant of success in digital transformation. To ensure the sustainability of digital transformation, Vietnamese business needs a healthy future talent pool and a continuing training plan for current staff," he said.

Accordingly, Casugol and DTS will plan to deploy training programs to help digital transformation units acquire professional personnel and the necessary skills in this field.

Casugol offers professional certification programs and executive workshops on digital transformation and emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Big Data, Cyber Security, and 5G.

As of Jan. 31, more than 8,000 professionals around the world from government agencies, statutory boards, MNCs, SMEs and Education institutes have been certified and educated by Casugol.

In Vietnam, Casugol has certified and trained more than 798 participants from Intel Vietnam, Mobifone, the Ministry of Finance (Hanoi), Viettel, VICEM... with some participants attending public classes in Singapore.


An online training program organized by DTS Alliance. Photo by DTS.

To ensure the high quality of Casugol’s certification programs/executive workshops, all programs are required to be endorsed by the International Advisory Committee (IAC) with members made up of industry leaders, subject matter experts, and leading academia around the world prior to publication / offering.

Casugol has a network of partner companies and educational institutes that engage as digital transformation advisors or members of Industry Advisory Panel to contribute to policy and strategy planning. Through a strategic partnership with the DTS Alliance in Vietnam, Casugol is able to serve government agencies, corporations and the small and medium-sized enterprises in accessing knowledge and resources in the digital transformation field.

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