Vietnam beats China in product reputation ranking, but scores below most ASEAN peers

By Ha Thu   March 31, 2017 | 09:04 pm PT
Vietnam beats China in product reputation ranking, but scores below most ASEAN peers
A made-in-Vietnam shirt. Photo by VnExpress
Made in Vietnam products score low in almost all product attribute categories.

Vietnam has been ranked 46th on the Made in Country Index 2017 released by Germany's Statista Market Research Co, which asked more than 43,000 people in 52 countries and territories to look at goods produced in 49 countries and the European Union as a group.

Vietnam hit an index score of 34, while China took the 49th position with a score of 28, said the survey.

However, it stood behind most Southeast Asian countries in the survey, except for the Philippines, which ranked 47th.

The index features 10 categories: high quality, high security standards, very good value for money, uniqueness, excellent design, advanced technology, authenticity, sustainability/eco-friendliness, fair production and status symbol.

Vietnam scored low in all categories but "very good value for money", where it made it to the top 10, standing in eighth place. "Made in China" products claimed the top spot as voted by over a third of respondents. 

Even “in Vietnam itself, 'Made in Vietnam' does not have a good reputation", the survey said.

Vietnamese consumers like products from Japan the most. Other products most preferred in Vietnam come from Denmark, Australia, the Netherlands and South Korea.

“Made in Vietnam” products are found popular in Ecuador and the United Arab Emirates, where they rank 10th and 20th, respectively.

Germany tops the Made-In-Country Index, scoring 100 points, while Switzerland and the EU are runners-up, scoring 98 and 92, respectively. Iran sits at the bottom of the pile.

In most countries, products from Germany, the U.S. or Japan are the most favored.

Specifically, in 13 of the 52 responding countries, Germany has the best image as a manufacturing country. The U.S. holds this status in eight countries, while Japan claims seven.

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