Review of ODA in Vietnam

By Ha Phuong   March 24, 2016 | 03:47 am PT
The World Bank is going to terminate Vietnam's Official Development Assistance (ODA) incentives in 2017, posing challenges for the country in meeting its debt obligations. The following is the overview of ODA in by sector, including the number of received projects and progress of disbursement.

1. Overview of ODA in Vietnam

ODA total commitment, conclusion and disbursement from 2004 to 2013

Total ODA commitment from bilateral donors

Biggest bilateral donors

Source: OECD, 2014

2. Distribution of ODA funds 

*Note: The value represented in the chart slices is the agreed amount of ODA in millions of USD.

In the agriculture and rural development sector, ODA has been used to upgrade irrigation systems, rural power networks, health stations, rural transport and domestic water supplies.

The power energy sector has been using ODA to increase power capacity and develop the distribution network in rural areas.

In the transportation, post and telecommunication sector, ODA has been used to improve roads, railways, internal waterways, sea ports and airlines, as well as post and telecommunications infrastructure.

ODA has contributed to the development of the education and training sector, including infrastructure for schooling at all levels, including new textbooks and curricula, teacher training and support for both students and teachers who wish to study overseas.

In the health sector, ODA has been used to develop infrastructure for medical testing and treatment, HIV/AIDS and communicable disease prevention.

3. ODA recipients

Central government agencies


4. Progress of ODA disbursement

Source: Ministry of Planning and Investment, updated in Q2/ 2015

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