Which Asian city has the most billionaires?

By Minh Hieu   March 31, 2024 | 03:03 pm PT
Which Asian city has the most billionaires?
A view of Mumbai, India. Photo by Unsplash
Mumbai has risen to become Asia's city with the most billionaires, hosting 92, and edging out Beijing for the first time, according to Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute’s Global Rich List 2024.

It is followed by Beijing with 91 billionaires, and Shanghai with 87.

On a global scale, the Indian metropolis secured the third position in Hurun’s ranking of cities with the highest number of billionaires, trailing behind only the U.S.’ New York with 119 billionaires and the U.K.’s London with 97, CNBC reported.

The global count of billionaires has increased by 167, or 5%, from 2023 to a total of 3,279 individuals this year.

In terms of individual countries, China maintains its lead with 814 billionaires, although experiencing a decline of 155 from the previous year, according to the Business Standard.

The U.S. secured the second spot with 800 billionaires, while India claimed the third position with 271.

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