US, Canada impose anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese products

By Dat Nguyen   February 6, 2021 | 05:08 am PT
US, Canada impose anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese products
A closeup of copper pipes. Photo by Shutterstock/Richard z.
Trade authorities in the U.S. and Canada have imposed preliminary anti-dumping tariffs on copper pipes and concrete bars imported from Vietnam.

The U.S. has applied a 8.05 percent anti-dumping tariff on Vietnam’s seamless refined copper pipe and tubes.

The decision was made after the U.S. Department of Commerce conducted a preliminary investigation between October and March 2020, in which it found Vietnamese copper products were sold at less than fair value.

This rate is lower than what the U.S. is applying on Chinese copper pipes and tubes at up to 60 percent, according to the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam.

It added that Vietnam’s exports of these products to the U.S. rose 21.7 percent to $183.9 million last year.

Meanwhile, the Canada Border Services Agency has imposed a preliminary anti-dumping tariff of 3.7-15.4 percent on concrete reinforcing bars from Vietnam.

It has also applied a tariff of 4.5-28.4 percent on the same products from several other countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Final conclusions are expected to be issued in May and June. Vietnam trade authorities have recently warned of rising number of allegations of trade safeguard violations.

In the last five years, around 100 complaints were levied against Vietnam, accounting for half of the total number the country has faced since 1994.

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