Software engineers in demand, paid high salaries: survey

By Khuong Nha   May 22, 2023 | 02:00 am PT
Software engineers in demand, paid high salaries: survey
A programmer in Vietnam. Photo by Funix
Software engineers were both among the most sought after and best paid last year, according to job recruitment platform TopCV.

Of 10 jobs it surveyed, information technology, especially software, was among the top paying professions.

An intern in software received a monthly salary of 3-5 million (US$127-212), that compared with VND2.5-4 million in media and advertising and VND3-4 million in accounting.

Software engineers with one to three years of experience were paid VND15-30 million, and got VND30-50 million if they had over five years’ experience.

IT workers with similar experience received VND13.8-25 million and VND30-50 million.

Work experience thus significantly affected salaries in the industry.

At the management level, chief technology officers got the highest salaries of VND60-142 million.

This compared with VND49.5-90 million for human resources directors, VND60.5-120 million for sales directors and VND50.5-105 million for chief financial officers.

Vu Nhat Anh, co-founder of TopCV, said software workers ranked third in terms of most recruited, but also second in terms of most difficult to find and retain.

TopCV’s survey used a quantitative statistical method based on 300,000 job postings, 3,000 employees and public data in the media. It was done over three months until March.

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