Green, smart technology boosts Aqua City allure

By Phat Dat   March 19, 2020 | 01:00 am PT
Sustainable, smart, and eco-friendly residential projects boasting synchronized infrastructure near the city are expected to attract urban citizens seeking convenient, green living.

Trendy green living standards

Recently, the impact of climate change has not lessened. Noise, environmental pollution, smoke, and dust mean housing in crowded or central areas is no longer the ideal choice for those who prefer a higher quality of life.

Thus, many have opted to move to neighboring areas of the city with more green space to reconnect with nature.


Aqua City, covering over 600 ha, is being developed as a smart, eco-friendly housing project.

Joining the trend, many developers plan further ecological urban projects that meet the two criteria of sustainability and smart growth.

Globally, such urban areas have been developed in over 100 cities including in the U.S., the Netherlands, Japan, and South Korea.

Vietnamese property developers too are clued into this trend as shown by many eco-friendly projects near major cities like HCMC and Hanoi. One is Aqua City, developed by Novaland Group in Dong Nai Province, adjacent to HCMC.

Co-operation for sustainable development

To be acknowledged as smart and eco-friendly, a residential project needs to meet many criteria focused on natural green space, construction density, construction materials, amenities; and especially, standards related to clean energy, environment-friendly services and health safety.


Novaland Group and TTC Energy signed an agreement to develop and apply smart technology solutions based on solar energy across Aqua City.

Eco-smart city Aqua City meets all criteria thanks to its three adjacent rivers and 70 per cent green space. Furthermore, Novaland will introduce advanced technologies to make it a smart ecological housing project, the group said in a release.


Proposed housing at Aqua City.

Besides catering to a green lifestyle with full amenities, Aqua City will run on smart energy, smart construction, a smart water system, a smart waste treatment system, and a smart and safe security network. Above all, Aqua City aims to grow a smart community, the company said.

To meet all these standards, Novaland has tied up with several partners. The company has signed a strategic agreement with TTC Energy, which will invest, install, operate and maintain a solar energy system to fuel public amenities. TTC Energy will also develop smart technological solutions using solar energy to run Smart Town, a part of Aqua City.

Smart Town is a model smart urban area designed to optimize energy usage inside and outside homes. This will be safe and convenient for residents and friendly to the environment.


Amenities in Aqua City will be modern to meet particular needs.

Besides TTC Energy, Novaland has also tied up with GroupGSA of Australia, which will design the landscape; KUME Design Asia of Japan, the design consultant for areas to be known as Aqua Mall and Aqua Sports Complex; and HAEAHN of South Korea, the design consultant for Aqua Maria Square. All are experienced in sustainability, energy saving and environmental protection.

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