Ford recalls over 3,200 Everest, Explorer cars for multiple problems

By Pham Trung   September 17, 2023 | 07:21 pm PT
Ford recalls over 3,200 Everest, Explorer cars for multiple problems
A Ford Everest SUV. Photo courtesy of FVN
Ford is recalling more than 3,200 Everest and Explorer SUVs to fix a battery fault, incorrectly installed exhaust filters and faulty camera control software.

In the case of the Everest, 1,256 cars manufactured between Nov. 24, 2021, and Feb. 3, 2023, have a low-battery charge fault which could cause the transmission to engage "park" while moving at low speeds.

Due to a software problem, if the battery level drops below a critical threshold, the transmission may shift into park when the vehicle is travelling at below six kilometers per hour.

This may cause a sudden stop without the rear brake lamps illuminating, increasing the risk of an accidents

Two cars manufactured between May 19, 2022, and June 28, 2023, are also being recalled because their diesel particulate filter have not been correctly fitted in the exhaust system to filter soot out of the exhaust gases to ensure that the vehicle complies with emission standards.

The incorrectly fitted filter also leads to more frequent exhaust gas regeneration, resulting in reduced fuel efficiency and oil life, and non-compliance with emissions regulations.

A Ford Explorer SUV in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of FVN

The Everest, Ford’s top-priced SUV, will see 1,967 recalled because of a failure in the 360-degree camera system causing a loss of rear camera image while in reverse.

A loss of video frames in the image processing module occurs during re-initialization or when the cameras enter sleep mode during the re-initialization process. This causes a blue image or a full blue or black screen.
The Everest began to be recalled on Aug. 31 and the Explorer on Sept. 5.

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