Augmented Reality marketing carries great development potential

By Phat Dat   January 6, 2020 | 02:00 am PT
Augmented Reality (AR) is predicted to witness rapid growth in 2020 as brands foster its application in marketing their products and services.

Invented in the 90s and based on virtual reality (VR), AR is seen as a remarkable technological leap. Unlike VR, whose images are computer-generated and seen via a headset, AR allows users to view the real world through a mobile device with virtual details added in.

Though it came out a long while ago, AR became a worldwide phenomenon after Pokemon Go was introduced in 2016. Its success made brands sit up and take note of AR’s limitless transformations that could be applied to different fields.

The era of AR marketing was kicked of by American international fashion brand, Michael Kors. The brand experimented with AR ads on Newsfeed, allowing users to directly try a wide variety of sunglass designs before purchasing what they liked.

Its strong ability to visualize and communicate ideas via an image in an interactive way is the primary reason that AR is an ideal marketing tool. In addition, AR is highly flexible, changeable, and capable of personalizing and waking users' curiosity, delivering a more interesting customer experience.

AR Marketing trends in 2020

It is anticipated that 2020 will be the year that AR emerges into its own as a new marketing method, dominating the retail sector by offering a new-fashioned, captivating customer experience.

Users will be able to play with different brands of products, from trying on sunglasses to outfits and even wear lipstick being physically present at the store. The AR-enabled technology will make shopping quick and convenient.

AR Filter for lipstick tester created by Jingo.

AR Filter for lipstick tester created by Jingo.

AR can also be used for outdoor navigation like Google and Apple Maps. A typical example of this application can be seen at the Gatwick Airport where users are guided to terminals and gates more quickly and accurately.

Not stopping there, a combination of AR and artificial intelligence (AI) is also seen as a new trend among enterprises in the upcoming year. The collaboration between AR and AI will help companies solve different problems with minimal effort, allowing them to progress faster.

Jingo Live and AR marketing solutions

Jingo entered the technology market with an online interactive game show that became popular worldwide. It went on to offer interactive solutions to enhance fan engagement.

As AR application extended to more areas, Jingo adopted a new marketing method called AR Branded Camera that quickly achieved many solid outcomes.

For instance, the minigame "Chon Thuan Ngu, Nhan Qua Nhu Y" (Thuan Ngu – a present for meals) was created to introduce the Thuan Ngu (584 Nha Trang) brand, using the image of fish sauce, an indispensable condiment in Vietnamese meals, aiming to prompt brand recall.

Other exceptional ideas that Jingo came up with for brands include the AR Filter "Gui Online – So tiet kiem trao tay" (Online Savings, Prosperous Living) for Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB), which allows users to calculate how much they can save with an online saving program, and AR Game "Mam mam Aji-mayo" (Play with Aji-mayo), designed mainly to increase brand engagement among mothers and kids.

Jingo was among the teams invited to participate at the Facebook iD8 meet organized in Singapore in August. Facebook iD8 is an annual event exclusively for Facebook developers.

Jingo team at Facebook iD8 in Singapore, August 2019.

Jingo team at Facebook iD8 in Singapore, August 2019.

Other prominent awards that have recognized Jingo's work include: silver medal at the Swiss Innovation Challenge Vietnam 2018; and Best Digital Marketing Solution - Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2018 (RBSA 2018). 

Jingo was also the only digital marketing representative from Vietnam to participate in the final round of RBSA held February 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. It was a Top 10 finisher at the Vietnamese Startup 2019 event hosted by VnExpress.

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