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Automate data center network to simplify and modernize operations

October 11, 2021 | 08:00 pm PT
Cloud-Ready Data Center solutions from Juniper Networks enable businesses to simplify operations and experience with a modern, automated data center.

Vietnam is one of 10 emerging markets in the global data center sector, with an impressive growth rate of $858 million in 2020, and is predicted to have a compound growth rate of nearly 15 percent annually by 2026.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnamese businesses in the fields of finance, health, retail and consulting are tending to shift data to cloud computing solutions for its data management platform to keep pace with global technology. As a result, there is an unprecedented wave of data center investment.

To meet the increasing demand for data center solutions, Juniper Networks has made significant investments to its Cloud-Ready Data Center portfolio providing reliable and secure products, including Juniper Apstra System, QFX Series Switches, PTX Series Routers, MX Series Universal Routing Platforms, SRX Series Services Gateways and Contrail Networking to help organizations save time and reduce costs for the deployment of complex data center networks.

New era of automated data center operations with Juniper Apstra

With Juniper Apstra System, customers have achieved 90 percent faster time to deployment, 70% faster time to resolution, and 83 percent OpEx reduction. Photo by: Juniper Data Center Network

With Juniper Apstra System, customers have achieved 90 percent faster time to deployment, 70% faster time to resolution, and 83 percent OpEx reduction. Photo by Juniper Data Center Network

Juniper Apstra System offers a new way of thinking about data center network operations. The software enables users to automate the entire network lifecycle in a single system, easing their adoption of network automation.

A key principle of the Juniper Apstra System is that optimum operations start with the best design. The system ties the architect’s design to everyday operations with a single source of truth, continuous validation, and powerful analytics and root cause identification. By automating Day 2 operations, the software raises efficiency and results by providing visibility and insights, incident management, change management, compliance and audit, and maintenance and updates.

For fabric management of EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabrics, the system’s Apstra Fabric Conductor toolset automates each aspect of design, deployment, and operation. The toolset reduces the time from design to deployment from months or weeks to days or even hours, with validated templates and ZTP that sets up the network for you. When problems occur, the same toolset averts outages with predictive insights, shortens time to resolution, and diminishes human error with change control and fast, all-network rollback.

Juniper switching, routing, and security platforms

Juniper’s switching, routing, and security platforms stand apart in their robust capabilities and scale, including complete EVPN-VXLAN, IP fabric, and threat-prevention capabilities. In particular, Juniper’s QFX, PTX, and ACX Series continue to lead the industry with best-in-class throughput and scalability, including 400G interfaces, renowned routing, the open programmability of the Junos OS, and comprehensive EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabric capabilities.

PTX Series offers 400G inline MACsec, flexible filtering, and a reliable network operating system. Photo by: Juniper Data Center Network

PTX Series offers 400G inline MACsec, flexible filtering, and a reliable network operating system. Photo by Juniper Data Center Network.

In terms of network policy and control, Juniper Contrail Networking provides dynamic end-to-end networking policy and control for any cloud, any workload, and any deployment, from a single user interface. It translates abstract workflows into specific policies, simplifying the orchestration of virtual overlay connectivity across all environments.

With Juniper Connected Security, users can safeguard their applications, data, and infrastructure across all network connection points. Also, users can use contrail networking to consistently define, manage, enforce, and view policies across the entire application-oriented overlay network from a central location.

Modern data center network

One of the most impressive cases is three time NBA champion, Miami Heat. Since 2010, Miami Heat has been using and consistently investing in Juniper’s latest innovations including QFX5100, MX960, EX4300, SRX5400 and JSA Virtual Appliance to modernize the arena and build a network for media-hungry fans. Miami Heat was the first NBA team to offer ticketless entry for fans, and the digital innovation team is constantly adding to that success.

The Heat also tapped into Juniper SRX5400 Services Gateway to protect the data center and enterprise edge with next-generation firewall services and Juniper Secure Analytics to monitor security events in real-time. Working together, the team of advanced Juniper solutions let Miami Heat innovate with new experiences without worrying about what the technology can handle.

Additionally, Net One Systems, a leading independent Japanese integrator, also relies on Juniper Networks Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to orchestrate its multi-cloud environment. As hundreds of customers rely on Net One to operate and manage their cloud environments and when the number of customers have grown, their diverse needs have put a strain on network operations.

Net One finds managing multiple cloud services more difficult with each new customer and growing complexity created challenges in building, establishing, and efficiently operating cloud services. However, with the assistance of Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, Net One can create seamless end-to-end multitenant environments by separating from physical networks using overlay models and managing tenants from a centralized controller.

Leader in data center and cloud networking

To further reaffirm Juniper’s strength in providing businesses with secure, automated, and AI-driven solutions, last year, Juniper Networks was named as the leader in "Magic Quadrant for Data Center and Cloud Networking". This is Gartner’s latest report evaluating data center and cloud networking hardware and software for enterprises that procure and manage their own data center networking infrastructures for installation on-premises or in colocation facilities.

The report mentioned Juniper Networks has a strong portfolio of hardware and software, with feature depth and excellent automation capabilities, which can meet the technical needs of nearly all cases in the market. Furthermore, Juniper's roadmap to apply AI to improve data center networking efficiency also aligns with the emerging needs of customers.

"We believe our recognition as a leader for the third year in a row comes from Juniper's proven attributes, including automated fabrics, AI-driven insight, best-in-class security and scalable 400G designs. As technology leaders are driving the digital transformation of their businesses and rethinking how they measure the advancement of their data center and cloud infrastructure, I take great pride in how Juniper has continued to empower our customers in innovative new ways," Manoj Leelanivas, Chief Product Officer at Juniper Networks said.

Watch the Webinar replay on Automating and Securing Your Zero Trust Data Center and also join us at Hands-on Automated Data Center Technical Bootcamp.

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