Ambrus, HBA cooperate to provide solutions for developing sustainable industrial parks and clusters

By Thy An   November 5, 2023 | 07:00 pm PT
The strategic cooperation agreement between the two organizations was signed at the conference on Manufacturing Enterprises and Sustainable Development Trends organized by the HBA-HEPZA Businesses Association, October 27.
The two companies’ representatives shook hands at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of Ambrus

The two companies’ representatives shook hands at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of Ambrus

Accordingly, Ambrus is prioritized by HBA as one of the strategic partners to provide solutions (investment, infrastructure, technology, digital transformation, management system...) for industrial parks to bring benefits to businesses and workers in industrial parks in HCMC and other partners of HBA.

The parties will regularly exchange information to update and adjust the content of cooperation to suit the needs and capabilities of each party.

Representative of Ambrus Group, Truong Gia Bao, Chairman, believes that the cooperation between HBA and Ambrus will help Ambrus support more industrial parks and industrial clusters.

"Ambrus is one of the pioneering corporations building solutions to support businesses and industrial parks in Vietnam. We are committed to enhancing the value of Vietnam Industrial Park by providing top-quality products and services with our own understanding and high responsibility for the sustainable development of the business and the benefits of the social community," he said.

Truong Gia Bao(2nd from L), Chairman of Ambrus Group. Photo courtesy of Ambrus.

Truong Gia Bao(2nd from L), Chairman of Ambrus Group. Photo courtesy of Ambrus.

The goal of sustainable development plays an indispensable role for businesses in international integration, expanding markets, improving the value of export products, promoting trade promotion, and creating brand reputation globally.

At the 2021 United Nations Summit, Vietnam announced its commitment to reduce its national total emissions by 43.5% by 2030 and achieve NetZero emissions by 2050.

For businesses, business activities that balance harmonious benefits between customers, businesses, and social benefits are a mindset in business administration towards the sustainable development of businesses.

Currently, businesses are increasingly interested in sustainable activities, including the application of environmental, social, and corporate governance ESG criteria.

Sustainable development is no longer a slogan but is truly becoming an inevitable trend and a core value of businesses, helping businesses determine their vision and business strategy.

Businesses operating internationally, participating in the global supply chain, and public companies listed on the Vietnam stock exchange

Around the world, applying ESG is increasingly popular in businesses. Many businesses have been and are continuing to make efforts to reduce carbon emissions and waste, using socially responsible inputs, to meet ESG criteria that are becoming increasingly important in the eyes of investors and consumers.

Many Vietnamese businesses have made changes in management thinking on sustainable development and incorporated ESG into their business strategies.

A number of Vietnamese businesses have paid attention to producing environmentally friendly products, paying attention to local economic development and community support activities, and especially focusing on producing clean and green products.

With the goal of making Vietnam's Industrial Parks and industrial clusters into the top 5 globally for investment choices and attracting FDI capital flows by developing and improving the quality of the Industrial Park ecosystem.

Ambrus Group provides services such as consulting on solutions to build Industrial Parks and Clusters, fundraising, technology application applications, trade promotion to find customers, building ecosystems...

HBA is a social organization that protects the rights of businesses and workers in Industrial Parks, Export Processing Zones, and High-Tech Parks in HCMC.

Ambrus Group is a company that gathers reputable experts in the field of providing solutions for the industrial real estate industry (consulting, legal, investment, infrastructure, technology, management system...)

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