5 tools to improve hiring experience for employees, employers

December 29, 2019 | 06:00 pm PT
Technological advancements now allow recruiters to take practical steps that can enhance the hiring experience for both job seekers and employers.

Compared to a few decades ago, the relationship between employers and employees has changed dramatically. Today, it is not just job seekers who are looking for opportunities but businesses who are competing for the best, most qualified candidates. In this situation, there are specific tools that can help the human resources department of a business make its hiring process more efficient and effective. If a business does not want to spend heavily on executive search services, here are five of the hottest tools to improve its recruitment process:

1. Make use of social media channels to shorten the hiring process

Nowadays, job seekers expect a convenient and fast application process. They also take advantage of social media sites like LinkedIn to collect useful information about enterprises they want to work for. LinkedIn has profile recommendations based on algorithms to suggest employers and candidates towards filling vacancies quickly.

There are five different recommendation pages: People You May Want to Hire; Similar Profiles: Profile Matches for your posted jobs; People Also Viewed; and Suggested Professionals that recruiters can use to choose suitable candidates.

So employers must take this into account and ensure that the companies’ insights and values reach those they most want to hire. The more professional networking profile enterprises have, the more talented candidates will apply.

Discover candidates to increase your chances of making great hires.

The recruitment process is increasingly affected by the use of social media, from job seekers researching a role to hiring managers seeking information to inform their screening processes.

2. Create branding videos

This approach could increase the response rate to job postings significantly, from 12 to 34 percent. Some famous free video maker tools such as PowToon, WeVideo or Placeit can help with this. The video can be promoted on Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn to get attention from qualified applicants. A professional branding plan will make a strong impression on potential candidates.

3. Interview via telecom apps

For the first round, it is advisable to offer candidates the flexibility of attending online interviews. This helps both recruiters and job applicants to save much time in transport while enabling face to face communication. Skype, Viber or Messenger are some of the apps that can be used for online interviews. More than 60 percent of companies are doing this now.

Telecom apps enable you to interview candidates anywhere, at any time.

Telecom apps enable recruiters you to interview candidates anywhere, at any time.

4. Use data to find the right applicants

By collaborating with other tech companies, an enterprise can filter out the most suitable candidates for their vacant positions. An ATS (applicant tracking system) is a solid baseline tool that employers can use to mine existing resumes in a system. This also allows recruiters to use references from ex-companies or ex-managers to make the right decision.

5. Hire qualified candidates from internal referrals

Team members often know talented people who may be searching for jobs similar to those recruiters want to fill. Since current employees have worked with a wide variety of people in the past, the best applicants for open positions often come via referrals.

It can, therefore, be seen that applying modern recruitment tools is a smart thing to do, delivering the following significant benefits to businesses:

1. Improves recruiter productivity. Traditional recruitment methods will take an HR department a lot of time to fill a vacant position. The tools listed above can improve a recruiter’s efficiency significantly, allowing them to work anywhere, using their mobile devices on the go.

2. Allows recruiters to find better candidates. This is obviously one of the main advantages of applying the new recruitment tools. Employers can easily figure out and shortlist suitable candidates and not have to waste much time with beginners.

3. Allows streamlined data collection from candidates. Employers can use recruitment software like ATS to gather useful candidate data that they can be analyzed to improve the recruitment process.

4. Improves social reach. Recruitment relies much on social media these days. Recruiters usually connect to social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook and reach a larger pool of potential applicants, so a business which does not do this will be at a disadvantage.

Employee referrals are among the top sources of hire.

Employee referrals are among the top sources of hire.

In summary, technology has been evolving rapidly in the HR space for several years now. It is expected that there are even more recruitment tools that will come in the next few years to shorten the current hiring process, enabling employers to cut costs further. On the other hand, executive search services are also a good way to connect employees and employers. By using an Executive Search firm, businesses can find the right senior or high-level candidates with minimum budgets and save their time.

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