Vietnamese singer big in China for reality show

By Tan Cao   September 5, 2023 | 05:14 pm PT
Singer Chi Pu has become popular in China after winning fans as the 6th place finalist on the top local reality show "Sisters Who Make Waves."

She has since been featured on numerous Chinese TV shows and events following her successful performances on the show.

Chi Pu's first Chinese appearance after "Sisters Who Make Waves" was at July's 2023 Mango Festival held in Hunan Province, in which she performed a duet version of the Chinese song "Summer Breeze" with American singer of Taiwanese heritage Amber Liu.

The performance then made it to the list of the most-searched topics on China's social media platform Weibo.

She was then revealed as a permanent member of the Chinese food-and-travel show "A Delicious Guess," which began airing every Friday last month.

Singer Chi Pu appears on the Chinese TV show A Delicious Guess. Photo from Chi Pu’s Facebook

Singer Chi Pu appears on the Chinese TV show "A Delicious Guess." Photo from Chi Pu’s Facebook page

"I have been excited to enjoy beautiful landscapes and delicious cuisines with the other cast members," she said in one of the show's episodes. "I acquired more knowledge about local culture and cuisines thanks to the show."

As the artist is active in both Vietnam and China, her schedule had her traveling back and forth between the two countries over the past.

Her hard work now has her as the Vietnamese artist with the highest number of followers on China's social media platform Weibo, at around 350,000 and climbing.

Compared to the humble recognition she got during her first days in China, this is a huge achievement for the Vietnamese artist.

"I appreciate the career opportunities that have come to me and recognition from the public," Chi Pu said. "My performance and language skills have been improved, and I have garnered more connections as well."

Chi Pu, 30, is an actress and pop singer. She was honored on the Forbes' list of the Asia Pacific's 100 most influential digital stars in 2020.

She made her debut on the Chinese market with her appearance in "Sisters Who Make Waves," one of the most famous reality shows in China. Her musical performances throughout the show gained a lot of attention from local audiences, and she won sixth place at the conclusion of the show.

The singer is reportedly currently in Vietnam before traveling to China again to resume shooting for "A Delicious Guess."

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