Hanoi nude exhibition highlights feminine beauty

By Hieu Nhan   April 3, 2022 | 11:13 pm PT
An exhibition of 48 nude paintings, focusing on the beauty of women belonging to various places from the countryside to modern cities, has opened in Hanoi.

"We hope our artworks provide new and fresh perspectives to the public," said Minh Pho, one of the 10 artists with works displayed at the exhibition.

The paintings were in a variety of styles and on a variety of materials like silk, oil on canvas, lacquer, and others.

One of the group's two women members, Ha, said she has always been fascinated by the curves of women's bodies and brought three silk artworks to the exhibition, each depicting a young woman blending in with nature.

"Women's physical beauty in the spring is comparable to flowers waiting to bloom. Nature's harmony with the female body creates a gentle, sophisticated and natural beauty".

According to Pho, nudity is not a new topic in art and so the members need to "discover new things in old materials".

A lacquer painting titled Noi Loan (Rebel) by artist Pham Ngoc My. Photo courtesy of the artist

A lacquer painting titled 'Noi Loan' (Rebel) by Pham Ngoc My. Photo courtesy of the artist

Luong Xuan Doan, chairman of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, said: "Each individual has a unique way of expressing themselves, resulting in diversity in their artworks. Nudity is defined here in a variety of ways and from a variety of perspectives, not just as a woman's body, but also as inner beauty manifested through eyes and body shape. What matters is what the artist wishes to convey through the painting".

The paintings in 'The Nude 1' at Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts - Gallery on Hang Bai Street are displayed alphabetically by the artists’ names. The exhibition will remain open until April 7.

The oil painting Co Gai Phuong Dong (Eastern Girl) by Minh Pho. Photo courtesy of the artist

An oil painting, 'Co Gai Phuong Dong' (Eastern Girl), by Minh Pho. Photo courtesy of the artist

The 10 have formed a group called Nude that has a long-term interest in nude paintings and plans to hold an exhibition every year.

They include Mai Huy Dung, Duong Tuan, Minh Pho (Nguyen Minh), Nguyen Minh Dong, Tuan Dat, Nguyen Truong Linh, Bui Anh Hung, Phung Huy, Pham Ngoc My, and Luong Thu Ha.

The group plans to hold 'The Nude 2' in HCMC in June 2023.

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