Chinese fans gush over Vietnamese singer Chi Pu after appearance on TV show

By Nhu Anh   May 3, 2023 | 09:53 pm PT
Vietnamese singer Chi Pu has found love from Chinese fans, who have hailed her as beautiful and charismatic in the music video for reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves.”

After seeing Chi Pu in the theme song for the fourth season, people commented about her presence and charisma on Chinese social network Weibo.

A commenter with the handle KIT21 wrote: "The first back shot in the MV could not be more beautiful. It took me half a day to find out that it was Chi Pu."

User Pop Culture Vote wrote Chi Pu created a good impression despite appearing after famous Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia.

She is also among the favorite contestants for Keaiya, who said the 29-year-old singer has a beautiful face and charisma like a Miss Universe.

"The first time I saw Chi Pu, I was mesmerized by her beauty. I wonder if she can speak Chinese."

User Mingzi wrote that he paid a subscription to Mango TV to watch the show just because of Chi Pu.

Singer Chi Pu in a promotion photo for Sister Who Make Waves. Photo by Mango TV

Singer Chi Pu in a promotion photo for "Sister Who Make Waves". Photo by Mango TV

On Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, many users upload short clips of Chi Pu and compliment her choreography.

However, some people have been unsure about her vocal skills.

"Many of my friends said she is criticized a lot in Vietnam for her poor vocals," account Wangzi wrote.

Since debuting in 2020 "Sisters Who Make Waves" has been one of the top rated reality TV shows in China.

In its fourth season, the show aimed for cultural diversity and invited foreign celebrities such as Japanese singer Mai Mizuhashi, South Korean actress Choo Ja-huyn, German singer Gina Alice Redlinger, and Russian singer Katerina.

Thirty-three contestants will show off their talents in solo and team performances, and those who get the highest scores will be chosen to form a new girl group.

After it sent an invitation to Chi Pu, her team spent a month researching it before accepting. She is currently in Hunan, China, to practice and film for the show.

Chi Pu, real name Nguyen Thuy Chi, is a pop singer and actress who was honored among Forbes’ list of Asia Pacific's 100 most influential digital stars in 2020.

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