'China's most beautiful goalkeeper' to star in Stephen Chow's film

By Nhu Anh   March 9, 2024 | 06:32 pm PT
Zhao Lina , dubbed “China's most beautiful goalkeeper,” is poised to star in a film by Hong Kong director Stephen Chow.

In early March, the 33-year-old Zhao traveled to Hong Kong for a meeting with Chow to discuss her potential involvement in a film titled "Shaolin Women's Soccer," reported Mp Weekly.

Zhao Lina is dubbed Chinas most beautiful goalkeeper. Photo from her Instagram

Zhao Lina is dubbed "China's most beautiful goalkeeper". Photo from her Instagram

Fans on Weibo expressed anticipation for the collaboration between Chow and Zhao, while tending the net for her national team at major international tournaments.

Chow, also a famous actor and comedian, is known for such films as "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kungfu Hustle.
Zhao's illustrious football career spanned 18 years, and in 2023, she announced her retirement from the sport.

Since then, she has transitioned into the entertainment industry, engaging in various pursuits. She ventured into music with the release of a music video, took part in the reality show "Ride the Wind," worked as a magazine model, featured in commercials, and entered the realm of acting, making her debut in the TV series "Hear What You Say" in January.

Despite stepping away from football, Zhao maintains an unwavering passion for the game. She aspires to contribute to movies that depict the lives of female football players. She expressed her desire to showcase the love for sports among girls in rural areas to the outlet Sohu.

Acknowledged for her impeccable outfit coordination and charisma in modeling, Zhao has garnered praise for her fashion sense, often opting for elegant and monochrome attire, reported Ifeng.

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