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A 350 kph train is fast, but where will it get Vietnam?

With the trans-Vietnam high-speed rail route back in the limelight, a senior expert suggests a lower-speed train that can carry both cargo and passengers.

​Transport Ministry to blame for Hanoi metro delays: state auditors

The Ministry of Transport's mismanagement in allowing piecemeal work has resulted in ballooning costs and prolonged delays, state auditors say.

Ministry greenlights Bamboo Airways’ fleet expansion

The Transport Ministry has approved in principle a proposal by private airline Bamboo Airways to expand its fleet to 30 aircraft by 2023.
June 23, 2019 | 07:58 am GMT+7

Ministry proposes toll hike on low-traffic BOT roads

The Ministry of Transport has proposed a toll hike for 37 build-operate-transfer projects that are receiving lower traffic than contract estimates.
June 08, 2019 | 04:47 pm GMT+7

Vietnam metro projects costs overrun by $3.5 billion

Vietnam’s five metro projects have seen their costs balloon by VND81 trillion ($3.5 billion) following long delays.
June 05, 2019 | 04:10 pm GMT+7

Vinalines buys back illegally sold stake in central port

State-owned shipping firm Vinalines has bought back its stake in a central port after illegally selling it to a private firm.
May 31, 2019 | 10:54 am GMT+7

Bamboo Airways fleet expansion plan runs into overreach concerns

Bamboo Airways’ request to expand its fleet has hit a roadblock with Vietnam’s aviation authorities unsure of its management capabilities.
April 29, 2019 | 08:21 am GMT+7

Vietnam greenlights $84 million upgrade of transnational railroad

The Ministry of Transport has approved a VND1.95 trillion ($84 million) upgrade of the transnational north-south railroad route.
April 23, 2019 | 04:35 pm GMT+7

GrabTaxi to hit the road in three more provinces

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport has approved ride-hailing firm Grab to run taxi services in three more provinces.
April 22, 2019 | 08:20 pm GMT+7

No you can’t close the road, Transport Ministry tells investor

An investor’s proposal that it closes an expressway because it is not allowed to collect toll has been rejected by the Ministry of Transport.
April 02, 2019 | 08:49 pm GMT+7

Transport ministry backs Hanoi’s motorbike ban plan

The Ministry of Transport supports Hanoi’s motorbike ban, says city’s traffic and emission problems need such solutions.
March 29, 2019 | 09:53 am GMT+7

Airport operator to advance funds for runway repairs

The Transport Ministry wants ACV to pay for runway repairs at country’s two largest airports and be reimbursed later.
March 22, 2019 | 09:41 am GMT+7

North-South Expressway a top priority for government in 2019

Eleven components of the North-South Expressway are among the top priority this year, the government has said.
February 11, 2019 | 11:31 am GMT+7

Bamboo Airways postpones maiden flight

The first Bamboo Airways flight will not take off on October 10 as planned.
October 09, 2018 | 03:14 pm GMT+7

Cars from Thailand zoom into Vietnam

The number of cars imported last month marked a 45.6 percent increase over May this year, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs.
July 11, 2018 | 02:24 pm GMT+7
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