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Four Vietnamese Americans arrested for growing marijuana

Four overseas Vietnamese have been detained in Georgia state’s Hall County after 253 marijuana plants were found in their house.

Vietnamese teen sentenced to two years in UK for growing cannabis

A Vietnamese in the U.K. has been sentenced to two years in a young offenders’ institution for growing $281,000 worth of cannabis.

Thailand approves medical marijuana in New Year's 'gift'

Thailand approved marijuana for medical use and research on Tuesday, the first legalization of the drug in a region with some of the world’s strictest drug laws.
December 27, 2018 | 02:56 pm GMT+7

13 caught at drug-laced birthday party in central Vietnam

13 people were caught having a ‘drug party’ Friday night at a Ha Tinh karaoke parlor.
December 23, 2018 | 11:23 am GMT+7

Vietnamese man caught with 5 kg of cannabis in Australia

A Vietnamese man has been arrested in the Australian city of Perth after police found five kilograms of cannabis in his car.
December 21, 2018 | 01:38 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese Australian woman faces trial for running cannabis syndicate

An Australian woman of Vietnamese descent accused of running a cannabis syndicate in Australia could face trial next year.
November 13, 2018 | 02:59 pm GMT+7

35 kilograms of meth, heroin seized from Laos vehicle in central Vietnam

Ha Tinh police caught two Vietnamese men Thursday as they were smuggling 32 kilos of methamphetamine and three kilos of heroin from Laos.
October 26, 2018 | 02:59 pm GMT+7

Five Vietnamese nationals in Australia part of $2.8mln cannabis operation

Five Vietnamese nationals in Australia have pleaded guilty to roles in a $2.8 million cannabis operation, The Herald reports.
October 18, 2018 | 08:03 pm GMT+7

Canada legalizes marijuana for recreational use

The country became the first major Western nation to legalize and regulate sale and recreational use of marijuana on Wednesday.
October 17, 2018 | 01:48 pm GMT+7

18 foreigners held in Da Nang’s drug abuse crackdown

A late-night raid on a bar in central Vietnam's Da Nang Thursday found dozens of drug users, including foreign tourists.
September 29, 2018 | 01:44 pm GMT+7

Australia jails Vietnamese man for growing weed and stealing power

A Vietnamese man has been sentenced to five years in jail for cultivating cannabis and stealing electricity.
September 24, 2018 | 03:29 pm GMT+7

Discovery of London cannabis farms raises child slavery fears

Large numbers of child slaves from Vietnam and other countries may be working on cannabis farms in London.
August 22, 2018 | 09:37 am GMT+7

Vietnam seizes mailed narcotics from US, Europe

The seizure is part of a large-scale crackdown on drug trafficking via air and courier services.
June 30, 2018 | 01:05 pm GMT+7

Police nab man for growing marijuana in northern Vietnam

Do Xuan Hieu was caught with 859 marijuana plants.
May 04, 2018 | 08:03 pm GMT+7

Trump marijuana policy reversal stokes fears in pot firms, users

'We're going crazy right now,' said one marketer. 
January 06, 2018 | 11:00 am GMT+7
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