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Vietnamese urbanites unfazed by AI threat to jobs: study

Urban Vietnam is not too worried about losing jobs to robots though numerous studies show it is likely, a survey has found.

Vietnamese productivity still falls short of regional counterparts

Outdated technology and a low-skilled workforce is widening the productivity gap between its Southeast Asian peers ...

As Vietnam ages, retiree employment on the cards

Vietnam should consider employment for retired people as its population ages, the labor minister said Tuesday.
August 07, 2019 | 08:06 am GMT+7

China deports 30 illegal Vietnamese workers

Chinese authorities have detained and sent back 30 Vietnamese nationals working in the country without valid papers.
July 21, 2019 | 08:04 am GMT+7

South Korea says no to Vietnamese workers from 10 provinces

South Korea will temporarily stop receiving Vietnamese workers from 40 districts in 10 provinces this year.
May 07, 2019 | 11:06 am GMT+7

Vietnamese workers in Taiwan want direct hiring, bypassing brokers

Vietnamese workers in Taiwan are calling for direct hiring instead of having to go through brokers, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported Sunday.
May 07, 2019 | 07:51 am GMT+7

Vietnam mulls making War Invalids and Martyrs Day a public holiday

The labor ministry’s proposal to make July 27, War Invalids and Martyrs Day, a public holiday has drawn a mixed public response.
May 05, 2019 | 05:00 pm GMT+7

Skills shortages, labor curbs may hit Singapore manufacturing

Growing demands for highly skilled labor and government moves to curb numbers of foreign workers may mean a tougher path ahead for Singapore.
May 05, 2019 | 01:25 pm GMT+7

Construction most dangerous job in Vietnam

The construction sector saw the highest number of deaths due to workplace accidents last year, according to official data.
April 17, 2019 | 09:44 am GMT+7

Asia's pollution exodus: Firms struggle to woo top talent

Asia's businesses are promising increasingly inventive perks in a desperate bid to lure executives to a region where toxic air engulfs major cities for much of the year.
April 02, 2019 | 11:12 am GMT+7

Nickel-and-dimed in sweatshops: Australian brands squeeze Vietnamese garment workers

Vietnamese workers making garments for Australian brands are unable to afford basic necessities and suffer sub-standard working conditions, said Oxfam.
March 19, 2019 | 07:44 am GMT+7

22 Vietnamese illegal workers arrested in Taiwan

22 Vietnamese arrested Thursday on suspicion of working illegally in Taiwan could be deported, the Liberty Times reported Friday.
March 16, 2019 | 09:19 pm GMT+7

Vietnam per capita income matches Malaysia’s 20 years ago

Vietnam’s recent economic achievements notwithstanding, much effort is needed for it to close the gap with other countries, a minister has said.
January 31, 2019 | 08:37 am GMT+7

Job jitters mount as China's factories sputter ahead of Lunar New Year

Businesses are shutting earlier than usual this year as the prolonged trade war curtails orders.
January 19, 2019 | 07:02 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese company to gift cars to top workers for Tet

A company in the northern Hai Duong Province plans to gift 45 cars and 20 electric scooters to its best employees for Tet.
January 17, 2019 | 04:02 pm GMT+7
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