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Asia Coffee: Vietnam traders cut output forecast by 10 percent

Traders in Vietnam lowered their coffee output forecasts by 10 percent this week as a bumper harvest came to an end.

Vietnam's Viettel seeks to double Myanmar customer base: CEO

Vietnam’s largest telecommunication company, Viettel, is seeking to double its five million subscribers in Myanmar ...

Indonesian landslide leaves 15 dead in West Java

Rescuers are searching for survivors after a landslide triggered by heavy rain left at least 15 people dead and dozens missing in western Indonesia, an official said Tuesday.
January 02, 2019 | 09:59 am GMT+7

Indonesia's latest tsunami raises global questions over disaster preparedness

Authorities around the globe are working on how they can prepare for the kind of freak tsunami that battered coasts west of Jakarta this month.
December 30, 2018 | 11:15 pm GMT+7

'All lives matter': Indonesia saves tsunami-stranded turtles

Searching a debris-strewn beach for victims of Indonesia's deadly tsunami, a rescue team happened upon a giant sea turtle trapped in a pile of marine trash.
December 28, 2018 | 01:45 pm GMT+7

Indonesia after the tsunami

More than 16,000 people have been displaced due to the tsunami while some villages have been cut off due to damaged roads and bridges.
December 26, 2018 | 02:09 pm GMT+7

Life and death choices for Indonesia tsunami victims

Udin Ahok was forced to make a choice that no one would ever want to make: save his wife or his mother and baby.
December 25, 2018 | 03:35 pm GMT+7

Rescuers dig through rubble for survivors after Indonesian tsunami kills 280

The death toll from a tsunami that hit the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra after the Anak Krakatau volcano erupted rose to at least 280 on Monday.
December 24, 2018 | 09:19 am GMT+7

Krakatau-triggered tsunami kills at least 168 in Indonesia

A tsunami killed at least 168 people and injured hundreds on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra.
December 23, 2018 | 08:38 am GMT+7

In Indonesia, splits emerge over efforts to stem plastic tide

As Indonesia struggles with mountains of plastic waste going into landfill, business groups are pushing to overturn restrictions on importing plastic scrap into Southeast Asia's ...
December 21, 2018 | 01:55 pm GMT+7

Trial of Indonesian accused of Kim Jong Nam murder on hold

The trial of an Indonesian woman accused of assassinating the North Korean leader's half-brother was put on hold Tuesday due to a row over witness statements.
December 19, 2018 | 08:59 am GMT+7

Indonesian city to fine LGBT for being 'public nuisance'

An Indonesian city plans to slap its gay and transgendered residents with a one million rupiah ($70) fine for disturbing "public order."
November 30, 2018 | 11:32 am GMT+7

Bike-sharing: a solution for Jakarta's air pollution problem?

Transport experts hope the service will combat air pollution and congestion in the Indonesian capital.
November 27, 2018 | 03:23 pm GMT+7

Sperm whale washed up in Indonesia had plastic bottles, bags in stomach

A sperm whale found dead in a national park in Indonesia had nearly six kilograms (13.2 lbs) of plastic waste, including 115 cups, in its stomach.
November 21, 2018 | 08:13 am GMT+7

Hong Kong domestic helpers jump in deep end

Every Sunday in Hong Kong the city's army of domestic helpers packs into parks or onto pavements, bridges and walkways on their one mandatory day off.
November 12, 2018 | 02:35 pm GMT+7
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