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#MeToo takes a hit in Asia Argento underage sex case

The #MeToo campaign finds itself facing its own backlash following abuse claims against Asia Argento, one of its leaders.

Weinstein indicted for sex crimes against third woman

New charges bring to six the number of counts against Weinstein who might be punished with at least 10 years.

Weinstein charged with rape, sex crime in New York

Weinstein's career went down in flames following explosive articles in The New York Times and New Yorker.
May 26, 2018 | 09:43 am GMT+7

Movie producer Weinstein to surrender on sex assault charges

More than 70 women have accused him of sexual misconduct spanning decades.
May 25, 2018 | 08:16 am GMT+7

American actress Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein for defamation, sexual harassment

'Weinstein used his power in the entertainment industry to damage Ms. Judd’s reputation and limit her ability to find work.'
May 01, 2018 | 10:50 am GMT+7

Times reporting on Weinstein to be turned into Hollywood film

The disgraced movie mogul will now be the subject of a feature film, on the reporting that took him down.
April 27, 2018 | 09:46 am GMT+7

New York Times, New Yorker win Pulitzer for #MeToo watershed

More than 100 women have accused a movie producer of sexual harasment since the newspapers reported.
April 17, 2018 | 09:30 am GMT+7

The Weinstein Company to file for bankruptcy

Its ex-chairman and once one of Hollywood's most influential men, was accused of sexual misconduct including rape by more than 70 women.
February 26, 2018 | 03:53 pm GMT+7

New York sues Weinstein Co., Harvey Weinstein over sexual misconduct

Weinstein was one of Hollywood's most influential men before more than 70 women accused him of sexual misconduct.
February 12, 2018 | 08:36 am GMT+7

Uma Thurman details Weinstein 'attack'

Dozens of Hollywood women have accused Weinstein of acts ranging from sexual harassment to rape.
February 04, 2018 | 09:26 am GMT+7

Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood kingmaker with feet of clay

Weinstein's allegedly inappropriate behavior goes back nearly three decades.
October 15, 2017 | 08:31 am GMT+7

Vietnamese actress joins growing voices against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein

'Everything darkened around me as Mr. Harvey Weinstein stood there smiling at me with just a towel on his hip.'
October 13, 2017 | 01:34 pm GMT+7

Models, actresses, employees: the women speaking out against Harvey Weinstein

Celebrated actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Judith Godreche and Katherine Kendall all told they were approached by Weinstein.
October 12, 2017 | 08:37 am GMT+7

Streep, Judi Dench slam Weinstein over sexual harassment claims

His 'behavior is inexcusable, but the abuse of power familiar,' Streep said a statement.
October 10, 2017 | 09:11 am GMT+7

Hollywood mogul Weinstein fired after sex harassment claims: reports

Weinstein 's company was accused of preying on young women hoping to break into the film industry.
October 09, 2017 | 09:04 am GMT+7
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