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New work permit regulations for expats in Vietnam

The latest update on the requirements for foreigners to obtain the necessary permit to work in the country, effective on April 1, 2016. Here is what you need to know about the new rules.  

Vietnam launches e-visas for visitors from 40 countries

Nationals of eligible countries will be able to apply for a 30-day single-entry e-visa starting February 1.

Vietnamese steel association seeks exemption from 'absurd' Trump tariff

Local firms are concerned they will be unable to compete with countries where the U.S. does not imposes the fees.
May 02, 2018 | 12:54 pm GMT+7

South Korea may seek change in controversial military exemption for athletes

South Korea may seek to revise its military exemption program for athletes amid calls for stricter rules. 
September 04, 2018 | 11:51 am GMT+7
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