Vietnam lose King's Cup to Curacao after penalty shootout

By Staff reporters       JUN. 8, 2019

Vietnam played a tough game against their stronger opponent, losing 4-5 in penalty shootout after the main time ended 1-1.

  • Curacao become the champion of King's Cup 2019.

    Despite losing in the final, Vietnam has secured their spot in the top 16 in Asia on FIFA Rankings. This position will help Vietnam get a spot in the pot 2 of World Cup 2022 qualification's seeding.

  • Penalty shootout

    Nguyen Cong Phuong's shot goes too high. Vietnam lose 4-5 in penalty shootout.

    Vietnam (4)
    Curacao (5)
    Nguyen Anh Duc
    Charlison Benschop
    Nguyen Cong Phuong
    Elson Hooi
    Nguyen Trong Hoang
    Jarchinio Antoina
    Que Ngoc Hai
    Leandro Bacuna
    Doan Van Hau
    Michaël Maria
  • 90'+4

    90 minutes end with 1-1 score and two teams go straight into the penalty shootout.

  • 90'

    Four minutes are added to the second half. 

  • 83'

    Nguyen Quang Hai tries a long shot but misses it.

  • 82'
    Vietnam equalize!

    Another great setup from the players and this time, Pham Duc Huy gives Curacao keeper no chance to react. 1-1 for Vietnam.

  • duchuy-1560006548-9046-1560006604.png

    Pham Duc Huy (R) celebrates his goal with Nguyen Quang Hai. Photo by VnExpress/Duc Dong.

  • 80'

    Curacao use their last substitution who immediately sprints to Vietnam's goal but his shot lacks accuracy.

  • 76'

    Last substitution for Vietnam. Nguyen Van Toan is subbed out for Tran Van Kien.


    Nguyen Van Toan (R) had many good shots in the first half. Photo by VnExpress/Duc Dong.

  • 74'

    Sub Charlison Benschop almost scores the second goal after Vietnam's captain Que Ngoc Hai loses focus. Benschop has launched repeated attacks through Vietnam's loose defense.

After beating Thailand 1-0 in an intense match on Wednesday, Vietnam proceeded to the final of King's Cup 2019.

Facing Curacao in the final is a challenge and also a chance for Vietnam players to prove themselves in front of a stronger opponent. Curacao consist players who are trained in Europe, including two playing in English Premier League, Leandro Bacuna and Cuco Martina.

Coach Park Hang-seo has stressed in the pre-match conference that winning the King's Cup title is not the priority of Vietnam, as he will not risk putting injured key players onto the field.

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