Vietnam beat Brunei 6-0 in AFC U23 Championship qualifier

By Staff reporters       MAR. 22, 2019

Vietnam eased through the game on Hanoi's My Dinh Stadium Friday night, taking no threat from their weaker opponents.

  • 90'+3

    The game ends with six goals for Vietnam.

  • 90'+1
    The sixth goal is scored

    Nguyen Quang Hai successfully takes the penalty and it's 6-0 for Vietnam, the score of a tennis set.

  • 90'

    Nguyen Hoang Duc is fouled in the box and another penalty is awarded to Vietnam.

  • 78'

    Brunei have the second substitution.

  • 76'
    Vietnam score the fifth goal

    Huynh Tan Sinh makes no mistake on the penalty spot to make it 5-0 for Vietnam.

  • 75'

    Nguyen Quang Hai is fouled in the box. A straight red card for a Brunei player and a penalty is awarded to Vietnam.


    Nguyen Quang Hai tries to get up after being fouled. Photo by Lam Thoa

  • 62'

    Ho Tan Tai is subbed out for (midfielder) Bui Tien Dung.

  • VietHung-3499-1553264930.jpg

    Trieu Viet Hung reacts after scoring Vietnam's fourth goal. Photo by Lam Thoa

  • 60'
    4-0 for Vietnam

    Nguyen Quang Hai assists Trieu Viet Hung to score the fourth goal for Vietnam.

  • 58'

    Ho Tan Tai dribbles from the right wing then shoots but his shot is blocked.

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