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Did Sanofi, WHO ignore warning signals on dengue vaccine?

Philippines had inoculated 830,000 children with vaccine.

Philippines defied experts' advice in pursuing dengue immunization program

The Philippines could be on the cusp of a breakthrough to combat a potentially lethal tropical virus.

Philippines orders probe into Sanofi dengue vaccine for 730,000 children

Nearly 734,000 children aged 9 and over in the Philippines have received one dose of the vaccine.
December 04, 2017 | 02:53 pm GMT+7

Philippines 'prepared for worst' in dengue vaccine concerns

More than 1,000 people in the Philippines died from dengue last year, out of more than 211,000 suspected cases.
December 03, 2017 | 09:06 am GMT+7

Hanoi hospitals overloaded by dengue fever patients

Many hospitals have put extra beds in the hallways to cope with the influx. 
August 09, 2017 | 03:47 pm GMT+7

Historic dengue vaccine programme launched in Philippines

The world's first public dengue vaccination programme was launched in the Philippines on Monday as nurses began injecting the first batch of a million children with a French drug ...
April 06, 2016 | 09:13 am GMT+7

First Vietnam's Zika virus victims infected through mosquito bites

The Health Ministry issued an initial conclusion that the first two cases of Zika virus in Vietnam was transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. 
April 05, 2016 | 02:11 pm GMT+7
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