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Vietnam, US begin Agent Orange cleanup at former wartime air base

Bien Hoa Airport is the largest remaining dioxin hotspot in Vietnam.

Vietnam to spend $12mln preparing former US air base for dioxin cleanup campaign

Just outside Saigon, Bien Hoa Airport has the highest contamination levels of the deadly toxin in the world.

American couple teaching children of Agent Orange in central Vietnam

Esther and Vohn Bucher decided to return to Vietnam to help the forgotten children of Quang Ngai Province. 
July 31, 2017 | 07:00 pm GMT+7

Vietnam's forgotten Agent Orange victims

56 years after the U.S. began spraying Agent Orange over Vietnam, its victims still face skepticism from both governments. 
July 30, 2017 | 12:00 am GMT+7

Monsanto, the not so quiet American in Vietnam

The chemical giant is entangled in​ war tragedies and an uncertain future for GMOs.
May 08, 2017 | 11:00 am GMT+7

In Vietnam, Agent Orange victims struggle to survive as Monsanto thrives

Monsanto continues to dodge culpability as its victims suffer in silence.
October 24, 2016 | 02:00 am GMT+7

US, Vietnam start new phase of dioxin cleanup project

The countries have worked together to mitigate the long-lasting effects of war.
October 19, 2016 | 06:00 am GMT+7

American advocate of Vietnam's Agent Orange victims accused of fraud, embezzlement

Chuck Palazzo is accused by the men who entrusted him with charitable donations.
October 03, 2016 | 04:00 am GMT+7

German film about Agent Orange in Vietnam nominated for Emmy

It tells the story of one family's brave effort to cope with the fallout from Agent Orange.
August 11, 2016 | 04:14 pm GMT+7

U.S. communists support Vietnamese victims of war

The Communist Party of the U.S. will continue to assist Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, said Chairman John Bachtell on April 5.
April 06, 2016 | 03:28 pm GMT+7
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