Why spring is one of the best seasons in Vietnam

Traditional festivals, flower villages and magnificent landscapes make for impressive subjects for photos in spring. 


Photo by Nguyen Tan Tuan.

Spring flowers: A farmer waters flowering plants at Sa Dec of Dong Thap Province, southern Vietnam.

Sa Dec is the biggest flower village in the south that welcomes thousands of visitors every Tet (Lunar New Year Festival). The village is a large supplier of flowers to provinces across the country, with around 2,500 varieties growing on a total area of 500 hectares.

Photo by Cao Ky Nhan

Harvest season happiness: A woman with a happy smile in a yellow chrysanthemum garden in Sa Dec. She had a good Tet this year thanks to a plentiful harvest.

Photo by Pham Huy Trung

Flower paradise: A woman meticulously takes care of flowers at My Phong village in My Tho City, Tien Giang Province.

The village is famous for flowers like Holland daisy, African marigold and plumed cockscomb. Since My Phong is situated just 70 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, many Saigonese visit it during Tet.

Photo by Ming Huynh

Tet tradition: Nguyen Thi Ich and her granddaughters cook ‘banh tet’ at their home in Hoc Mon District, Saigon.

Ich has been making ‘banh tet’, a traditional southern dish that is made and consumed during Tet, for 30 years. This savory and sweet cake is made from glutinous rice, has a mung bean and pork filling and is wrapped in banana leaves.

Photo by Do Tuan Hung

Dragon dance: A dragon dance performance at Quan Am Pagoda of Vung Tau City in southern Vietnam on the fourth day of Tet.

The dance involves a team of dancers manipulating a long dragon figure with poles. The dragon dance is believed to bring good luck to people. The longer the dragon, the more luck it will bring to those watching.

Photo by Nguyen Phong.

New Year ring: Two wrestlers compete in a wrestling festival in Thu Le village, Hue, central Vietnam. The festival is held annually during Tet, with not just men but also women wrestlers taking part.

Photo by Pham Hoang Cuong.

Tet flower: A woman buys peach blossoms for Tet. The camera captured her when it was taking in the beautiful scenes in Hanoi during Tet.

Photo by Quy Nguyen.

'Banh chung’: Ha Huu The’s family gather to wrap ‘banh chung’ at Duong Lam Ancient Village in Hanoi.

Banh chung is an essential dish during Tet, made of glutenous rice, mung beans and pork wrapped in banana leaves. The making and eating of banh chung is a well-preserved tradition in Vietnam.

Photo by Nong Thanh Toan

Spring is here: You can tell it is spring when the peach plant blossoms and brings along birds with it. This photo was taken in Doc Da Quy Forest in the resort town of Da Lat, Central Highlands.

Photo by Tran Doan Huy

Spring joy: Two H’Mong children play in a field of yellow and write bittercress flowers in Loong Luong village in the far northern province of Son La.

Photo by Nguyen Trong Vinh

Highland Tet: A boy plays with his dog while climbing a peach blossom tree in Tung Vai Commune, Ha Giang Province, northern Vietnam.

Photo by Tran Bao Hoa

Mother and daughters: A H’Mong woman and her children enjoy some happy moments in a field full of pure white plum blossoms in Phieng Canh village, the northern province of Son La.

Story by Tuan Hoang, Huynh Phuong

By Tuan Hoang, Huynh Phuong