News - September 1, 2018 | 12:04 am PT

Football fans dejected after Vietnam lost against UAE in penalties

Tears streamed down their faces as Vietnam lost against UAE in a penalty shootout in the Asian Games bronze medal match.

Two fans console each other as Vietnam stops at fourth place.

A man tries to hold back his tears when Vietnam fails to earn the bronze medal.

A boy and a man watch on in despair when Vietnam lost against UAE in series of penalties.

A female fan frowns as Vietnam lost against UAE.

Flags are waved fervently as the fans cheer on for the team.

The Lach Tray Stadium in northern Hai Phong city is packed with people, holding their breath as the match goes on.

Despite the pouring rain, a fan still waves the national flag in solidarity with the team in Saigon

A boy watches the match live with the crowd.

A disabled man and a boy cheer for the team from the sidelines.

Fans watch the game under the rain on Nguyen Hue Street in Saigon.

A foreigner cheers as Vietnam scores a goal.

Vietnamese fans in Hang Day Stadium cheer in joy as Vietnam balances out the scoreboard 1-1 against UAE.

And fans in Dong Nai Province in southern Vietnam also jumped for joy

Two girls screamed when Vietnam restored parity with Nguyen Van Quyet, jersey number 10, tapping in from very close range at the 27th minute.

Nguyen Hue pedestrian street was filled with cheers and smiles right now.

Hanoians stand outside a small cafe to watch the match near the Hanoi's walking street.

Young footballs fans flocked to Nguyen Hue walking street in District 1 to watch the last football match between Vietnam and UAE which kicked off at 3 p.m. on Saturday at the Pakansari Stadium, Indonesia.

In Hanoi, the Hang Day Stadium rages on as Vietnamese football fans scream in anticipation.
Two Vietnamese girls hold up the national flag in joy.
On the Nguyen Hue walking street in Saigon, the citizens are also watching the match live on a projector screen.
A girl holds up a postcard featuring a drawing of Park Hang-seo, the Vietnam's U23 team's coach.

Pham Thanh Sy, director of Ca Mau Department of Public Security, said hundreds of police officers have been mobilized to ensure safety before and after the match, and prevent criminal gangs from taking this opportunity to commit crimes. 

After its loss against South Korea during the semifinal of the 2018 Asian Games (ASIAD) on Wednesday, Vietnam’s U23 football team faces off against the United Arab Emirates for a heated battle for the bronze medal.

If won, this would be the first ASIAD medal ever for Vietnam's football and the first ASIAD medal for Southeast Asia since 2002.Vietnamese fans from all over the world are upbeat about the game. 

The Asian Football Confederation has said that Vietnam has several good scorers and a strong defense, which will be a challenge for UAE.