In pictures: The best of #Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos hashtagged #vietnam and #everydayvietnam.

Dragon boat

A man swims next to his boat that is decorated like a dragon. Photo taken in Hue by foxbeta_photo on Instagram.

Waiting for the role

An actor of hat boi, known as classical Vietnamese opera, sits behind the curtain in a theater in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by khanghua on Instagram.

Out of this world

"Step on her spaceship, she left humanity behind," the caption reads/jokes. Photo by baokhanhsquare on Instagram.

Saigon's slum

Ever wonder how Saigon's slum looks like from above? The answer by quanngo01 on Instagram.

Say a little prayer

A moment of peace in the central highland town of Da Lat. Photo by olivier.apicella on instagram.

Back to school

Kids try to stay awake in their class in Hanoi, a month after the summer break. Photo by dan.toan on Instagram.

The finishing line

An interesting moment captured by bimcamm on Instagram.

Rice harvest

Photo by picsofasia on Instagram.

Inside the Balloon

A man prepares a hot air balloon before it takes off in Saigon, Vietnam. Photo by Trung Pham, featured on natgeoyourshot on Instagram. "You realize just how massive this balloon is when a person is standing inside of it. I love the use of light, as it pours in from the center it illuminates the many colors of this balloon,” writes Your Shot Producer Matt Adams.

City pattern

Photo taken in Ho Chi Minh City, by droneoversaigon on Instagram.