In pictures: #Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos of #Vietnam this week.

Take your pick

A farmer dries corns on a large bamboo tray in the scorching sun. Photo taken by olivier.apicella on Instagram. 

Shadow running

Shadows of runners participating in the VnExpress Marathon 2019 last Sunday fall on the Thi Nai Bridge, the longest sea overpass in Vietnam. Photo taken by vne_international on Instagram. 

Playful grannies

A group of senior women play Tu sac, or Four Color Cards, a popular Vietnamese game of Chinese origin. Meanwhile, a baby gets its head checked for lice. Photo taken by Instagram account p.martel.

All afloat

Hundreds of boats dock at the Van Lam wharf in Ninh Binh Province to wait for customers.

These boats are a great way to enjoy the beauty of ripened rice paddies stretching along both sides of the Ngo Dong River, especially in May and June. Photo posted on Instagram by nhanlephotography.

Up and down

Four children play on the seesaw in Saigon. Photo posted by Instagram account 1phutsaigont and credited Tuan Pham.

Life on the edge

People live in makeshift houses along the bank of a 'black canal' in Ho Chi Minh City where they struggle with trash and stench every day. Photo taken by Instagram user soduabentre


A farmer dries tiny pieces of wood in his courtyard in the northern highlands town of Sa Pa 

"Once dried, these pieces of wood will be carried by truck to factories in Hanoi and processed into furniture to be exported to Europe and U.S. markets," the caption reads. Photo taken by Instagram user olivier.apicella.

Getting roasted

A woman roasts pork chops on a charcoal stove on a Saigon sidewalk. Pork chops are an indispensable part of com tam (broken rice), cooked in a clay pot and is a traditional favorite in southern Vietnam.

The dish is served with fish sauce, spring onions, and white and black sesame seeds. Photo taken by jethuynh on Instagram. 

Staple growth

Farmers plant a new rice crop on terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, a mountainous district in Yen Bai Province. This crop will be ready to harvest in September and October.

The watering season lasts from early May until late June, when farmers let rainwater flow into their terraced fields from the Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Photo taken by traveltoasiaandback on Instagram.