Pin it forward: Top Vietnamese recipes on Pinterest

VnExpress goes through the colorful boards on Pinterest for this amazing list.

We all love Vietnamese food. But cooking is a completely different story.

That's when the energetic community of Pinterest can save the day.

The social network this month has made it a lot easier to find the recipes for your favorite dishes.

Here are five of the most interesting Vietnamese recipes that are shared and reshared by home cooks around the world.

Go through these five tabs to explore and check the original pins for the full recipes.

And then try them in your kitchen.

Goi cuon (spring rolls) is a Vietnamese culinary sweetheart, served in both fancy restaurants and sidewalk eateries.

Here's how to make these healthy and beautiful rolls at home.

This is one of those Vietnamese dishes that make the mouth water during the whole process of cooking.

The fragant smoke will drive the neighbors crazy, hopefully for the right reason.

Pho, the famous noodle soup with beef or chicken, can be very intimidating to home cooks.

Using store-bought chicken stock feels like cheating. But this beautiful recipe only requires 20 minutes, so why not?

Here comes the queen of Vietnamese street food. You know you want to try this recipe.

This is the answer of central Vietnam to pho.

Once you taste the first spoon of the spicy broth, you just can't stop.

By Nhung Nguyen