Places - February 9, 2019 | 05:46 pm PT

The unique moss-covered rocks of Eo Gio bay

This funnel-shaped, mountain-fringed bay in the central city of Quy Nhon is a riot of colors.

Eo Gio Strait, situated 20 kilometers to the northeast of Quy Nhon City's center in the central province of Binh Dinh, boasts untouched and majestic landscapes.

The funnel-shaped strait is encompassed by steep mountains and rocky beaches covered in green moss.

The unique aspects are the ancient rocks and green color of the water.

At the beginning of each year the large rocks near the shore are covered with moss. As the tide recedes they reveal themselves.

The green rocks and the waves washing ashore create a picturesque image.

This creature finds a way to hide itself after the tide recedes.

On the slopes, cactus plants grow naturally and densely. 

The period between April and September is a perfect time for traveling to Eo Gio since it is not stormy or even windy.

This is Gieng Tien (The fairy well), a popular spot in Eo Gio. 

From a vertical rocky cliff, a fresh water stream flowing down from above like a silk strip, creating a circular hole at the foot. Locals believe drinking the water here brings great luck.

A Buddha statue overlooking the sea is a symbol of peace and luck for fishermen in the village.

Every day some people come and clean up the coast to keep the place clean.

Story and photos by Ngoc Thanh