Places - April 4, 2018 | 04:54 pm PT

Blooming buckwheat flowers bring color to Hanoi

No more mountains to climb for a glimpse of the stunning flowers.

Travelers familiar with the northern mountains of Vietnam know that a field of buckwheat flowers are worth the hours of riding on motorbikes  through stunning but eerie passes.

The picturesque buckwheat flowers, or “chez” as the H’mong tribe in Vietnam call them, can come in white, pink or purple. Buckwheat are usually found on mountain fields where local people cultivate them as a tasty and healthier alternative to wheat.

Fortunately for the those who live in Hanoi, no mountains need to be climbed this month as the renowned flowers are in bloom closer to home. A buckwheat field in Thach Cau, Long Bien, is captivating the hearts of many who want to see the flowers up close.

The buckwheat fields, approximately seven kilometers (4.3 miles) from downtown Hanoi, cover an area of 5,000 square meters.
Usually, buckwheat flowers bloom from September to December.
“This is a strong plant which grows easily,” said Bo, the caretaker of the field.
Buckwheat flowers bloom for about a month, changing from white at first to a shade of pink.
A house and a train are added for aesthetic value at the flower field.
The flowers will stay in bloom for about a week more, said garderners at the field.
Other flowers are also planted.

The buckwheat field has attracted many visitors in the last month who want to escape the city.

Nguyen Hong Ngoc, Di Vy