Lang Co Bay

Situated where the mountains meet the sea only 25 kilometers from Da Nang, the Lang Co landscape is simply stunning.

Lang Co Bay stretches 42.5 kilometers and features fine white sand and diverse ecosystems. In 2009, Lang Co Bay was honored on the list of "The most beautiful bays in the world" by Worldbays.


The best time to visit Lang Co Bay is from April to early August.

Located near Da Nang, Lang Co experiences distinct seasons influenced by its northern location. The average temperature is between 24 to 25 degrees Celsius, with winter temperatures dropping to around 10 degrees Celsius and summer temperatures reaching nearly 40 degrees Celsius. However, the presence of the Cau Hai Lagoon helps to mitigate the impact of storms, floods, and hot, dry westerly winds, making Lang Co Bay's climate more moderate compared to other areas in Thua Thien Hue Province.

Lang Co has a rainy season from September to December, with the highest rainfall occurring in October and November.

The views above Lang Co Bay are breathtaking. Photo by VnExpress/Nhat Long


Lang Co Bay and its environs are home to numerous destinations and beautiful photo spots for visitors to explore.

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is located approximately 30 kilometers from Lang Co. The park's terrain is hilly and steep, with Bach Ma Peak reaching a height of 1,450 meters, making it an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. If you have the time, you can embark on a 2–3-day trek along the entire arc or opt for a combination of trekking and a 6–7-hour car ride to reach the peak.

During your trekking journey, make sure not to miss the breathtaking views at Hai Vong Dai (Sea Observation Post), the Do Quyen Waterfall and the five beautiful lakes of Ngu. You have the option to spend the night outside the gate of the national park, or stay in an old French villa on the way to the top, or even camp in the national park area.

Hai Van Quan

Hai Van Quan was built in 1826 and served as a military outpost at the peak of Hai Van Pass, marking the geographical boundary between Thua Thien - Hue Province and Da Nang City. It provides a stunning view of the mountain range jutting out into the sea. Hai Van Pass is approximately 15 kilometers from Lang Co and offers a splendid view of the bay. You can take a leisurely stroll here in the morning or afternoon and stop to enjoy a cup of coffee at the summit.

Lap An Lagoon

At the base of Phu Gia Pass 5 kilometers from the town of Lang Co, Lap An Lagoon looks out to the sea in one direction, and up to Bach Ma Mountain in the other. It’s best to visit the lagoon in the early morning when the tide is low, revealing a path that divides the water in the middle. This spot used to be a favored fishing location for King Khai Dinh and King Bao Dai, the 13th and final emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, during their summer vacations. Adjacent to the lagoon, there is a fishing village that is home to local seafood restaurants, making it an ideal destination to enjoy lunch and savor the specialties of Lang Co.

Don Ca Arch Bridge

Don Ca Arch Bridge stands above a stream and lush greenery. Photo by VnExpress/Phuong Tung

Don Ca Arch Bridge is at the base of Hai Van Pass. It was built in 1906 as part of a railway line initiated by the French. The bridge is about 100 meters long, 20 meters high, and features 4 arches mainly constructed from stone. Despite not being located on the highway, it is still easily accessible from Hue or Da Nang. To find the bridge, head towards Hai Van Bac Station, near Hai Van Quan, and continue for approximately 1 kilometer. Today, the bridge serves an important role on the North-South railway line and is also a popular spot for photo enthusiasts.


A bridge connecting the Hai Van Tunnel to the heart of Lang Co Town. Photo by VnExpress/Nhat Long

Lang Co Bay has several beaches, with Canh Duong, Lang Co, and Binh An being the most prominent. Canh Duong Beach is enchanting at dawn, when visitors can witness the sun rising from the horizon, illuminating the arc-shaped beach and creating a sparkling effect on the sea's surface. For those seeking adventure, camping services and beach tent rentals are available. Visitors can rent boats from local fishermen to explore the sea around the base of Hai Van Pass.

Some beaches in Lang Co lack warning signs and a permanent rescue team. Be cautious while swimming and avoid deep water sections for safety.


Seafood in Lang Co Bay is of high quality and abundant, raised and caught locally. Along the road, especially at the bottom of Lang Co Slope, you can find small restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes. A hearty seafood porridge for breakfast starts at VND25,000 ($1.06), while a full lunch costs around VND200,000-300,000 per person.

Famous seafood delicacies in the area include oysters, shrimp, squid, and abalone. Some well-known restaurants to try are Viet Long Floating Restaurant, Minh Tam Restaurant, Be Than Restaurant, Anh Phi, and Vietpearl. Additionally, tourists can opt for floating rafts on the Lap An Lagoon.


Lang Co is easily accessible by road, as it is situated along National Highway 1A at the foot of the Hai Van Pass.

For those opting to travel by train or plane, Da Nang is the recommended destination. The travel time from the airport or train station in Da Nang to Lang Co takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, if visitors choose to go to Hue first, the travel time will be twice as long.

Airfares for round-trip flights from Hanoi to Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang range from VND2 million to VND5 million ($84.47-211.18), depending on the timing and availability. On the other hand, the fastest train tickets cost about VND2 million.

The Hai Van Pass tunnel is exclusively for cars. If you ride a motorbike up the pass, you'll need to return through the pass or transport your motorbike separately.


Lang Co offers a diverse selection of accommodations catering to a variety of tastes. Budget hotels situated along National Highway 1A provide affordable options, with prices starting from VND300,000 ($12.67) per night. Some recommended choices include BH Villa Lang Co, Ha Phuong Homestay, and the Anh Dung Guesthouse.

For a more upscale stay, Lang Co Beach Resort stands out as a 4-star establishment right in the town center, featuring a large swimming pool and essential amenities for visitors. Room rates at Lang Co Beach Resort range from VND700,000 per night, varying with the season.

Located approximately 20 kilometers from the town center, Angsana Lang Co and Banyan Tree Lang Co are two luxurious 5-star resorts on Canh Duong Beach. These resorts offer top-class facilities, including swimming pools, golf courses, gyms, and spas.

Angsana Lang Co features 229 rooms ranging with over 100 private pool rooms starting at VND3 million per night. The interior design combines Vietnamese elements with international touches, featuring eco-friendly materials like bamboo, rattan, and palm trees, all of which combine to create an ambiance reminiscent of traditional Hue houses.

Adjacent to Angsana Lang Co is Banyan Tree Lang Co, one of the most lavish resorts in the central region. With 82 villas, each equipped with its own swimming pool and offering one to three bedrooms, this resort provides a luxurious experience. Room rates at Banyan Tree Lang Co start from VND8 million per night. The resort's focus on biodiversity activities and relaxation ensures a memorable stay for its guests.

In the evening, there might not be many entertainment activities in Lang Co as it is located quite far from any city center.

Story by Tam Anh