Thanks to the special pot, pork ribs stewed with lotus root is well-flavored, has strong fragrance, eye-pleasing colors and takes shorter time to cook.
Stew does not only help your daily meals be more diverse, but at the same time, is also one of the most nutritional dishes for people with illness, the elderly or children because it is soft, easy to absorb and a combination of many healthy ingredients.

However, the downside of stewing is that the method usually takes a lot of time.

Using the macrobiotic porcelain pot of the Minh Long Healthycook range, the runner-up of the 2013 edition of the cooking show called Golden Spoon Awards shows how to stew the healthy and delicious pork ribs with lotus roots.


- One kilo of pork ribs, 300 grams of lotus root, 100 grams of lotus seed, 200 grams of carrot, 100 grams of dried jujube, one sweet corn ear, 50 grams of dried wolfberry, three liters of water and 100 grams of shallot.

- 20 grams of rock sugar, 20 grams of salt, 15 grams of seasoning, 5 grams of ground black pepper, coriander.

How to cook:

Chop ribs into pieces. Peel carrot, corn, lotus root and cut them into pieces too. Soak dried jujube into water until they expand, then strain. Wolfberry and lotus seeds, cleaned and strained. Peel and clean the shallots.

Bring three liters of water to boil. Put the ribs in and leave them until the water boils again, remove the foam. Put lotus root, corn, shallots, salt, and rock sugar into the pot. Cook until the broth boils again then lower the heat and wait until the ribs are soft to add dried jujube, lotus seed, carrot, and wolfberry. When all ingredients are well-cooked, add seasoning to taste. Turn off the heat, add coriander and pepper. The cooking time should be around one hour.

To make the broth clear and sweet enough, remember to lower the heat every time it bubbles, skim the foam repeatedly and then put on the lid, lower the heat to keep the broth from evaporating too fast.

Seasoning should be added last to neutralize the taste of the soup and also save it from being too salty. Use rock sugar for light sweetness.
Pork ribs stewed with lotus root in the macrobiotic pot preserves the natural nutrients, as the pot can keep the heat steady and save the broth from evaporating too fast. The soup is lightly sweet, aromatic, healthy, and good for children and people recuperating from sickness, and also an effective tonic to cool the body during hot summer days.

Lotus seeds and roots can soothe the nerves and help one sleep easily. The soup is also rich of medicinal ingredients such as carrots, wolfberry and dried jujube, which are recommended for those who are dealing with stress, fatigue, insomnia and if not, it is simply a healthy treatment for your family.

How can macrobiotic pots stew food faster and preserve more nutritional values?

Stew is nourishing but it usually costs a lot of time to make. According to health experts, there are many nutritional elements that are sensitive to high heat and the longer you cook them, the more easily they would be destroyed. The same thing can happen to them if you keep adding water into the soup while cooking.

It is a real challenge for the cooks to learn how to save nutritional elements, water, cooking time, and at the same time, make sure that the meat is soft and the broth is flavorful.

Made from natural rare clay materials, the Minh Long Healthycook Premium Porcelain Cookware maximizes the outstanding features of porcelain by cooking food using infrared wavelength. Thanks to that, even when being cooked at a low heat, the food is still cooked quickly and thoroughly inside out. The food, when cooked, has unique flavors, retains almost all nutrients and does not produce toxins.

The pot can also minimize water evaporation, and thus the cooks do not have to stay alert all the time to add water into the pot. As a result, all nutrients are well preserved during the stewing process.

And reducing the cooking time also means saving fuel.
Content: Anh Thuy
Design: Trung Le
Developer: Quoc Toan