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Maternity leave: How Vietnam compares to neighbors

The ILO believes Vietnam has fairly progressive policies to protect working mothers.

For Vietnamese workers, how much overtime is too much overtime?

Take a look at the rules in other countries.

UK newspaper dubs Vietnam a safe place to visit

Vietnam was named among nine countries with a 'low' terror threat by the Telegraph.
January 05, 2017 | 04:59 pm GMT+7

Vietnam's unlisted company market poised for growth with new wave of listings

The UPCoM has already outgrown the Hanoi Stock Exchange in terms of market capitalization.
January 05, 2017 | 06:54 am GMT+7

6 things Vietnam did better than any Southeast Asian country in 2016

Vietnam beat out its neighbors for safety, investment inflows and ... ivory consumption. 
January 02, 2017 | 07:20 pm GMT+7

Why is it so hard to hire skilled workers in Vietnam?

A new report finds Vietnam has the largest low-skilled workforce in the region.
January 02, 2017 | 02:00 am GMT+7

Vietnam's economy expands 6.2 percent in 2016

The agriculture sector has been facing obstacles this year. But foreign investment and trade ...
December 28, 2016 | 06:40 pm GMT+7

Formosa spill spikes Vietnam's labor exports

Half of the country's labor exports headed to Taiwan this year.  
December 23, 2016 | 02:00 am GMT+7

Gasoline prices hit year-high in Vietnam

This is the 13th time fuel costs have gone up this year, compared to 10 price cuts.
December 20, 2016 | 04:10 pm GMT+7

Vietnam's urban boom fuelled by rural migrants

One in five people found in Vietnam's cities were born in the countryside.
December 18, 2016 | 01:13 pm GMT+7

Welcome to the US, Vietnamese students

The number of Vietnamese students in American schools has risen steadily over the years, topping ...
December 14, 2016 | 02:50 pm GMT+7

Around 700 state firms left as Vietnam nears final stage of privatization

Officials say the privatization target has generally been achieved.
December 08, 2016 | 02:00 am GMT+7

Traders gonna trade: The future of Vietnam without US-led trade pact

How will the presumed death of the TPP affect the Vietnamese economy?
November 29, 2016 | 11:19 am GMT+7

Looking back at 10 years of WTO in Vietnam

Take a look at Vietnam's transformation as trade barriers were removed.
November 23, 2016 | 12:19 pm GMT+7

Vietnam posts $3.25 billion trade surplus in Jan-Oct

A remarkable turnaround considering that the country reported a deficit of more than $3.5 billion ...
November 22, 2016 | 02:30 pm GMT+7