Fans dance to Prince's music as tributes

April 22, 2016 | 02:19 am PT
Celebrations carry on into the night to honour the life and music of pop icon Prince who died at his home in Minnesota on Thursday.

Buildings in cities from Seattle to San Francisco were turned purple... and parties broke out out to celebrate the superstar and his numerous hits.

Here... a massive block party thrown by filmmaker Spike Lee in Brooklyn, New York.

In Los Angeles fans gathered and remarked on the wide reach of his music which blended rock, R&B, funk and jazz.

" he had a bigger audience, everyone loved Prince he had music that satisfied everyone, not just one race or one culture, and I think that was what made him as big as he was."

In Minneapolis, hundreds packed into First Avenue, the club where Prince filmed "Purple Rain", to dance the night away.

Police are investigating the circumstances around his death, and an autopsy will be performed later on Friday.

Prince was 57 years old.


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