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Anti-gay marriage groups win Taiwan referendum battle

Voters in Taiwan backed anti-gay marriage referendums Saturday in what LGBT activists said was a major blow to the island's reputation as a rights ...

China to hold military drills in Taiwan Strait

The move is seen as a warning regarding Taipei seeking closer ties with Washington.

China media makes war threat over US Taiwan bill

Beijing considers Taiwan to be a wayward province and integral part of 'one China'.
March 02, 2018 | 08:30 am GMT+7

Taiwan president heads to US as Beijing watches

But Trump himself appeared to have ruled out meeting Taiwan's president.
January 07, 2017 | 10:33 pm GMT+7

Trump speaks with Taiwan leader, risking Chinese anger

Trump seeks economic, political and security ties with Taiwan. 
December 03, 2016 | 09:03 am GMT+7
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