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Child marriage remains the norm in central mountains

Hoa is only 17 but has been married for three years, a fate that befalls hundreds of girls in Vietnam’s central mountainous region.

Sparsely populated Cham Islands offer a quiet, fun vacation

A cluster of eight islands with just 3,000 inhabitants, Cu Lao Cham allows for a relaxing, yet entertaining getaway.

Conservation center urges $4 million douc langur protection project in Vietnam

The GreenViet Biodiversity conservation center is urging the preservation of about 50 gray-shanked douc langurs in Quang Nam Province.
July 19, 2019 | 10:41 am GMT+7

Hoi An to spend $860,000 strengthening vulnerable Pagoda Bridge

Hoi An is working on a renovation plan costing up to VND20 billion ($860,000) to save its 400-year-old bridge from possible collapse.
July 05, 2019 | 07:59 am GMT+7

Woman takes leaf out of Mother Nature’s book to protect eroding riverbanks

A Vietnamese woman is showing how to prevent landslides and erosion along rivers by growing trees in the central province of Quang Nam.
June 25, 2019 | 03:14 pm GMT+7

Hoi An a leading global attraction for cyclists

The ancient town Hoi An is one of world’s six best places to explore on bicycles, says global online accommodation reservations provider Agoda.
June 01, 2019 | 07:47 pm GMT+7

Foreign woman killed in central Vietnam road accident

A foreign woman died and several of her companions were seriously injured in a central Vietnam road accident Friday.
February 16, 2019 | 08:45 pm GMT+7

Popularity is its own enemy: Hoi An overrun by tourist buses

Visitor numbers tripled last year and authorities admit they have been unable to cope.
January 16, 2019 | 11:01 am GMT+7

The coracle 'miracle': How quid fishing boats are made

Making boats to fish for squid is painstaking work, but they are hardy vessels, enduring for 3-5 years.
November 09, 2018 | 11:20 am GMT+7

Vietnam jails rapist primary school teacher for 24 years

A Quang Nam court has sentenced a teacher to 24 years in jail for sexually assaulting three third grade students.
November 03, 2018 | 08:21 pm GMT+7

Young Vietnamese boy bears most onerous burdens with a smile

Deserted by the father when his mother died, a 12-year-old boy has shown incredible resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.
October 27, 2018 | 09:08 am GMT+7

Central Vietnam expressway traversed a rough path, remains rough

After five years of ups and downs, the $1.4-billion Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway has been completed, or not.
October 18, 2018 | 08:48 am GMT+7

Quang Nam on a plate in faraway Saigon

A tiny eatery in Tan Binh District is very popular because of the authenticity of its food
September 26, 2018 | 12:37 pm GMT+7

Central Vietnam joins the expressway club

Following the northern and southern regions, central Vietnam has got its own expressway, shortening travel time between key localities.
September 06, 2018 | 08:56 pm GMT+7

Vietnam province scrambles to save endangered monkey

A central Vietnam province is trying to buy back acacia plantations to save critically endangered douc langurs.
August 10, 2018 | 03:55 pm GMT+7
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