In pictures: The best of Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos hashtagged #vietnam and #everydayvietnam.

Sa Huynh Beach

"People in the fishing ports and markets around Vietnam aren’t always so smiley (especially if you get in their way)", reads the caption, "but I guess I found a few happy folk early morning in Sa Huynh last week!". Photo by quinnryanmattingly on Instagram.

Ha Giang

A photo taken in Dong Van Plateau by h.thanhtungg on Instagram.


Photo by adeepchicken on Instagram.


Vietnam's infamous messy brunch of wiring sometimes does look artsy. Photo by phamtuann on Instagram.

Morning market

Nga Bay Market in the Mekong Delta, which locates at an intersection of seven roads. Photo by tranduysca on Instagram.


A bird's eye-view photo by willvanw on Instagram.

Going to work

Photo by truonghaison on Instagram.

Up in the air

"Window cleaners work 50, even 60 stories up in the air in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam," reads the caption on natgeoyourshot. The photographer Huynh Dung calls these men "brave", as "not only are they on minimalist swings way up in the air, they're doing their jobs underneath the hot sun."

Traditional hat makers

Another great shot by truonghaison on Instagram. "The hat is made from a special kind of bamboo and young and soft palm leaves in Vietnam," wrote the photographer in the caption. "The hat is used like an umbrella to protect people from sun or rain. It can be said that the leaf hat is not only a symbol of Vietnam, but has also become part of the spirit of Vietnamese."