In pictures: The best of #Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos hashtagged #vietnam and #everydayvietnam.


A throwback shot captures Chinese opera singers in the Full Moon Festival in Feb 2017. Photo by phamvietanhminh, posted on saigonstreetphotographysquad Instagram.

Hoi An

Photo by pieter_janssen_photos on Instagram.


A young girl catches fish in a muddy pound in Tam Giang Lagoon in the central province of Hue. Photo by picsofasia on Instagram.


Photo by concatapboi on Instagram.

City 2030

"A striking piece from the Thanh Pho 2030 (City 2030) street art campaign, which is confronting the issues of climate change and renewable energy on three streets in Districts 1 and 10," wrote mike_tatarski on Instagram.

A peak

"Hanoi Opera House vibe", the caption reads. Photo by quan.phm on Instagram.


Photo by dzungphamstreet on Instagram.

A family

Photo by phamvietanhminh on Instagram.

Before the rain

A farmer tries to complete the work before the rain. Photo by sylvain_marcelle on Instagram.


Old apartment buildings in Saigon. Photo by baozoan on Instagram.