From Apple to Android, smartphones are ubiquitous. 

Reuters photographer Stefan Wermuth spent time documenting Londoners' public yet intimate relationships with their phones.

Nokia-branded mobile phones are about to make a comeback via a new venture that will reunite the brand with veteran Nokia executives who aim to move into smartphones capitalizing on an existing operation that sells low-cost basic phones.

London, United Kingdom. Photo by Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

London, United Kingdom. Photo by Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

HMD Global, a new Finnish company set up to revive the Nokia phone brand, on Thursday took over the basic phone business which Nokia Corp sold to Microsoft in 2014. It opens for business this month.

However it also has hurdles to overcome if it is to break into a crowded smartphone market dominated by models from scores of different players using Google's Android platform.

London, United Kingdom. Photos by Reuters/Stefan Wermuth

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By Reuters/Stefan Wermuth