In pictures: the best of Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos of #Vietnam.

All smiles

A picture of Mnong and Ede children in Vietnam's Central Highlands, captured by Instagrammer nimrodgenisher.

"I find it beautiful to see that children are all the same, no matter where I travel..." the caption reads.

Father and son

A boy and his father wade towards their fishing boat. Photo taken at a coastal town in Vietnam by tylertaler

Saigon candy

On the other side of the Saigon River, across high-rise buildings, Instagrammer jethuynh captured the moment a man making taffy candy.


"Slippers for days," the caption reads. Photo taken at a market in Hanoi by Instagram account charlesacooper.

In a rush

A soldier rides a bicycle in Hanoi. A photo taken in Hanoi by Instagram account dpchi_

Catching the wave

Two men ride the wave in a coracle. A photo taken by these_fleeting_moments near Hoi An in Vietnam's central coast.

Planting rice

Instagram account jethuynh posted a picture of monks planting rice in the southern An Giang Province.

Bull's eye

A worman carries breakfast items on a Hanoi street early in the morning. Photo taken by swapnilkekrephotography.

Salt field

A drone shot of a salt field at a coastal town in Vietnam. Photo taken by Instagram account huy.lenguyen.

Bike repair shop

Instagram user thongnguyengallery captured a man and his cat in front of his motorbike garage on the street of Hanoi.