In pictures: the best of Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos of #Vietnam.

Bull racing

Bull racing is part of Dolta, the biggest festival of the Khmer community in An Giang Province, when they pay tribute to the ancestors. The unique and thrilling race takes place in the 8th lunar month every year. Photo by bormehmet via Instagram. 


Inside a barber shop in the central province of Quang Nam. The tattoo shown reads  "Tuoi Tre" or "The Youth." Photo taken by Instagram user billschaeferphoto.


An exhumation ceremony in Hanoi, when a family dig up and relocate the remains of their desceased member to a "better place." The tradition is believed to honor and ensure a more comfortable afterlife for the dead.

A photo taken by Instagrammer tuan3991 showing.

The fisherman

Instagram user vietsui captured a fisherman cleaning the fishing net. "Uncle Tuan, 62, losts his left arm in #vietnamwar, lives by fishing with the remain arm for over 30 years in Cua Dai estuaries, Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam," the caption reads.

Sun ray

Photo taken by thanhminht at Hoi An ancient town in central Vietnam.


A man watching out the glass window in a sunny day after a week of raining. Moment captured by minhatran.

Back to school

Students of Le Hong Phong high school in Saigon attend the opening ceremony for the 2018-2019 school year. Photo taken by duong.ngoc.cao on Instagram.


Instagram user le.thang77 snatched the moment of a woman rushing to a fish market in Nghe An Province in north central Vietnam.

Swim practice

Instagrammer dinhvietphoto captured a daily life moment of people living in Thu Thiem Peninsula in Saigon. 


"Vietnamese elderly farmers knit Đó, a traditional fishing tool," the caption reads. Photo taken in northern Vietnam by Instagram account vietsui.