In pictures: the best of Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos of #Vietnam.

Long tail boats

The making of long tail boats in Bac Lieu, southern Vietnam. Photo taken by danny_imageworld on Instagram.


Vietnamese monks are chanting inside a pagoda in Phan Rang in south central Vietnam in celebration of Vesak, a holiday traditionally observed by Buddhists as Buddha's birthday. Photo by ttngyen on Instagram.


A Top Shot photo by Duc Bui Viet @duc_rong, selected by natgeoyourshot on Instagram. "At a broken television repair shop, the grandson watches his grandfather step by step," the caption reads. "It seems like he loves this job."

"This is a photo I like very much because it reminds me of the time when life is still difficult, and technology has not developed as it is now," Viet added.

Fish baskets

A day at a fish basket village in Hanoi. Photo taken by robinlee1231 on Instagram.

Salt workers

Another Top Shot photo by a Vietnamese photographer featured on natgeoyourshot on Instagram. "I love the reflection and layer of workers in the foreground and background,” writes Your Shot Producer David Y. Lee. Photo taken by Van Nguyen.

Green harvest

The third Top Shot photo from Vietnam this week on natgeoyourshot. "In a swamp outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a farmer swims while planting duckweed on the water," the caption reads. "The plant will later be turned into pig feed." Photo taken by Dong Giang.


Shadow on the beach

Beach goers enjoy Nha Trang's sunset. " A family picture which turns dramatic with these big shadows," one writes in the comment section. Photo taken by trongtin131 on Instagram.


Photo taken in Hue by mottvisuals on Instagram.

Seafood market

"On the shores of Quang Nam, Vietnam, a seafood market opens every morning before sunrise," say Your Shot photographer Huynh Dung. "Hundreds of people are there to buy, sell, and trade freshly caught seafood.The laughter in the market is impressive." Photo picked by natgeoyourshot on Instagram.