In pictures: The best of Vietnam this week

Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos hashtagged #vietnam and #everydayvietnam.


Portrait of a child living and working in the landfill of central Nha Trang City. Almost everybody working in here are older people and children. Photo by Duong Nguyen Thanh for everydayvietnam on Instagram.


Tam Giang. Photo by picsofasia on Instagram.

Saigon's street food

The caption reads, "Recipes passed down through generations shared from the living quarters of a family, out into the world. Authenticity at its finest, these is nothing better." Photo by bcolemanphoto on Instagram.

Old apartment building

Life in Khanh Hoi apartment complex, District 4, Saigon. Photo by pwin_pt on Instagram.

Building a home

The process of building a home, Central Highlands. Photo by phongsmonologues on Instagram.

Ha Giang

The badge reads "Vi Xuyen battlefront". Former soldier sleeping on the bus back home after a requiem for martyrs in the Sino-Vietnamese war, an underrepresented history that stretches from 1979 to 1990. Photo by hadaowashere on Instagram.

Long Bien Bridge

Activity starts pretty soon at Long Bien Market. The sun rises at the other side of the bridge across the Red River, Hanoi. Photo by javierpuigsaura on Instagram.

The traffic in Hanoi

Hanoi's Old Quarter. Photo by dennis_thern on Instagram.

The gazes

Saigon. Photo by quanngo01 on Instagram.

Saigon's daily life

Photo by duyblack666 on Instagram.